SMD 1204 LED Yellow Color

SMD 1204 LED often we know it is side view SMD 1206 led. SMD 1204 LED Yellow Color common brightness is 60-120mcd, high brightness type is 300-500mcd.
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SMD 1204 LED Yellow Color Product Description

LED Yellow lights 1204 often we know it is side view SMD 1206 led. Typical common brightness is 60-120mcd, high brightness type is 300-500mcd.

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SMD 1204 LED Yellow Color Parameter:

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Yellow Color Features:

1 The principle of light emission is cold light emission, not light emission by heating or discharging. Therefore, the lifetime of a device is about 50 to 100 times longer than a tungsten light bulb, and about 100,000 hours.

2 does not need warm light time, lighting response speed is faster than normal light (about 3 ~ 400ns).

3 The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, and the power consumption is small, saving about 1/3 to 1/20 of the energy consumption of the bulb.

4 Good shock resistance, high reliability and low system operation cost.

5 Easy to be small, thin, light weight, no shape restrictions, easy to make a variety of applications.

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Production Process for SMD Chip LED 

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SMD LED is mainly used in lighting system, decoration, electronic device indicator, backlight, display and equipment.

In 2009, the reduction in the production of mobile phones and LCD TVs may affect the expected supply of such components. The package sizes of conventional monochrome SMD LEDs are 1206 (3215), 1004 (2510), 0805 (2012) and 0603 (1608). The Chinese manufacturer can provide a minimum size of 0402 and a thickness of only 0.5 mm. In addition, Chinese suppliers also offer mature but less profitable two- and three-color products that are used in backlighting, appliances, household products, consumer electronics and displays. Despite low market demand, manufacturers continue to provide sideview SMD LEDs, including the 0802 (2106), 1204 (3010) and 0602 (1706) models. With the market's good expectations for the future status of SMD LEDs, major mainstream manufacturers have launched their own SMD LED development plans and prototypes. In the meantime, the SMD LED market has shown a flourishing and prosperous, buzzing atmosphere.

Light contrast for Yellow lights on different environment

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SMD Chip LED Information

SMD LED is attached to the surface of the circuit board, suitable for SMT processing, reflow soldering, SMD type LED is a good solution to the brightness, viewing angle, flatness, reliability, consistency and other issues, compared to other packaging devices, it With the advantages of strong anti-vibration capability, low solder joint defect rate and high frequency characteristics, it packages more LED chips in a smaller area, adopts lighter PCB and reflective layer materials, and shows that the reflective layer needs to be filled. Less epoxy resin, by removing the heavier carbon steel material pins, reducing the size, can easily reduce the weight of the product by half, the volume and weight of only about 1/10 of the traditional cartridge components, using the chip package, The volume of electronic products has been reduced by 40% to 60%, and the weight has been reduced by 60% to 80%. This will eventually make the application even more perfect.

The dip diode LED package is encapsulated. The process of potting is to inject the liquid epoxy resin into the LED molding cavity, insert the pressure-welded LED support, put the epoxy resin into the oven, and then the LED is removed from the cavity and molded. Due to the relatively simple manufacturing process and low cost, it has a high market share.

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