UV C LED 3535

SMD 3535 UVC LED 100mA type 7-10mW output, with a competitive price. PART NO.: AL-H35GAU27-E6IA-P9
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UV C LED 3535

SMD 3535 UVC LED 100mA type 7-10mW output, with a competitive price.


Features :

1. Chip Material: InGaN

2. Lens Color: Water Clear

3. Lens Material: Au plating on Cu Substrate

4. Emitting Color: UV

5. Pb free.

6. The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.

Package Dimensions

UVC led 3535


1. All dimensions are in mm.

2. Tolerance is ±0.25mm unless otherwise noted.


Technical data sheet:

Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25 °C:

Power DissipationPd0.8W

Peak Forward Current

(Duty 1/10 400msec Pulse Width)

Forward CurrentIF100mA
Thermal Resistance, Junction-CaseRth, J-C115°C/W
Electrostatic Discharge (HBM)ESD4000V
LED Junction TemperatureTJ125°C
Operating Temperature RangeTopr-30°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature RangeTstg-30°C to + 100°C
Lead Soldering Temperature[2.0mm from body]TsolReflow Soldering : 175 °C for 10 sec.

Electrical and Optical Characteristics:

ParameterSymbolTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Radiated FluxΦeIF=100mA710-mW
Radiant IrradianceEeIF=100mA-2.0-mW/cm2
Peak WavelengthΛpIF=100mA270275280nm
Spectrum Line HalfwidthΔλIF=100mA-11-nm
Forward VoltageVFIF=100mA5.56.57.9V
Viewing Angle2θ1/2IF=100mA-120-Deg
Reverse CurrentIRV R=5V--50uA

Note: 1. Forward voltage measurement allowance is ± 0.2V.

2. Radiant flux measurement allowance is ± 10%.

3. Irradiance tested at a distance 10mm from Al reflector.

4. Wavelength measurement allowance is ± 3nm.

Relative Spectral distribution


I-V Characteristic

UV C LED 3535

Radiated power VS current

UV C LED 3535

Usage Notice:

It is recommend to use low temperature solder paste for reflow, and the temperature curve is shown in the following diagram.

UV C LED 3535




3.Medical, nail dryer

4.Currency Verification, currency detector

5.Fluorescence Microscopy

6.Inspection of dyes, rodent and animal contamination

7.Leak detection

UV C LED 3535


1.FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door

2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FCL; Airport Port receiving

3 Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods

4.Delivery Time. 3-7 days for samples; 5-25 days for batch goods

UV C LED 3535

In the absence of inventory, we will arrange production as soon as possible according to customer needs. Providing quality service to customers is the basic premise of our Sales. Welcome to inquire about our products!

UV C LED 3535

For UV sterilizer, water purification and disinfection and other medical application, 275nm SMD 3535 UVC led is your best choice!

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