Sterilization Uvc Led Strip

Thermal radiation material of aluminum substrate Input voltage: DC3.5-5.5V Power: 2.4W PCB dimension: 100x15mm
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Sterilization uvc led strip

SMD UVC led for sterilization and disinfection, different powers are available. Suitable for indoor, public places and other venues, can provide customized UVC module service.


Features :

Thermal radiation material of aluminum substrate

Input voltage: DC3.5-5.5V

Power: 2.4W

PCB dimension: 100x15mm

uvc led module

uvc led strip

Please note: This is our standard UVC led module products. We could provide customized LED PCB module (power, led quantity and voltage is customized)

Technical data sheet:

Electrical and Optical Characteristics:

ParameterSymbolTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Power DissipationPdVF: 5V-2.4-W
Radiated FluxΦeVF: 5V2436-mW
Radiant IrradianceEeVF: 5V-0.7-W/m2
Peak WavelengthΛpVF: 5V275280285nm
Spectrum Line HalfwidthΔλIF=60mA-11-nm
Viewing Angle2θ1/2IF=60mA-120-Deg

The ultraviolet wavelength is short and the energy is strong. It can cause chemical reactions and substance changes under exposure. After research and development, it has been popularized in the curing, medical, photocatalyst, and banknote detection markets. Demand in the market has grown rapidly. In recent years, there have been emerging air sterilization and purification, still water sterilization and flowing water sterilization applications, and the overall UV demand has increased significantly.

Usage Notice:

It is recommend to use low temperature solder paste for reflow, and the temperature curve is shown in the following diagram.

UV C LED Disinfection

UV-C led

Related News:

A study by the National Institutes of Health pointed out that after treatment with UV LEDs, N95 masks can be completely sterilized and can maintain operational functions, and can be reused up to three times. The use of UV LED sterilization can extend the service life of N95 masks and can reduce medical personnel from direct air contact with diagnosed patients.

275nm uv led


Q1. How long of your delivery time?

A1. 5-7 days for samples, 1-2 weeks for formal order.

Q2. Can you provide customization and OEM service?

A2. Yes, we offer customization and OEM service, please tell us your requirements clearly.

Q3. What chip you usually use for your led?

A3. Normally we use Taiwan chip. We will choose suitable chip for different leds.

Q4. What is your main products?

A4. Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, designing and selling high quality LED lighting and LED related products. We have SMD LEDs, Dip leds, High Power LEDs, Piranha LEDs, IR LEDs and UV LEDs and so on. Welcome to receive your inquiry.

Q5. Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?

A5. Yes, we will. The core of our company cuiture is honesty and credit. We warm welcome customer or his agent or his 3nd party come to our factory for detail checking. We protect the customer’s design, sales area competition, ideas of design and all of your provate information.

3535 uvc led

UVC LED modules can be used in many sterilization products. We can customize the size and power according to customer needs. For the finished product, we have a newly developed handheld germicidal lamp, which is easy to use and has a good sterilization effect. It is a hot-selling product.

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