Germicidal 275 Nm Uvc Led

Medical usage, air purification, germicidal led SMD 3535 UVC LED PART NO.: AL-H35GAU27-E6IACD
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Product Details

Medical usage, air purification, germicidal led



Features :

1. Chip Material: InGaN

2. Lens Color: Water Clear

3. Lens Material: Au plating on Cu Substrate

4. Emitting Color: UV

5. Pb free.

6. The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.

Package Dimensions

UVC led 3535


1. All dimensions are in mm.

2. Tolerance is ±0.25mm unless otherwise noted.

275 nm smd led

Technical data sheet:

Electrical and Optical Characteristics:

ParameterSymbolTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Radiated FluxΦeIF=100mA710-mW
Radiant IrradianceEeIF=100mA-2.0-mW/cm2
Peak WavelengthΛpIF=100mA270275280nm
Spectrum Line HalfwidthΔλIF=100mA-11-nm
Forward VoltageVFIF=100mA5.56.57.9V
Viewing Angle2θ1/2IF=100mA-120-Deg
Reverse CurrentIRV R=5V--50uA

Note: 1. Forward voltage measurement allowance is ± 0.2V.

2. Radiant flux measurement allowance is ± 10%.

3. Irradiance tested at a distance 10mm from Al reflector.

4. Wavelength measurement allowance is ± 3nm.

Usage Notice:

It is recommend to use low temperature solder paste for reflow, and the temperature curve is shown in the following diagram.

uvc led

Major security tips:

This product is a deep ultraviolet LED, which will produce ultraviolet light after the correct operation of electricity. Thus it is harmful to the skin and eyes of the human body. No protective measures should be avoided directly in deep ultraviolet light.

It is recommend to wear protective clothing, gloves and glasses during operation.


1. Air Purification

2. Water Disinfection

3. Surface Sterilization

4. Fluorescent spectroscopy

5. Chemical and Biological analysis

uv led application

Ultraviolet light is a general term for radiation from 100nm to 400 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. According to the difference of wavelength, the ultraviolet light is generally divided into three bands of A, B and C, as follows: UVA is 400-315 nm, UVB is 315-280 nm, and UVC is 280-100 nm. Corresponding to different wavelengths, the specific application is different.

In the UVLED market, UV-A has the largest market share, up to 90%. Its main application market is curing, involving nail art, teeth, ink printing and other fields. In addition, UV-A is also imported into commercial lighting to make white clothing look whiter.

As for UV-B and UV-C, it is mainly used in sterilization, disinfection, medical phototherapy, etc. Among them, UV-B is mainly medical, and UV-C is sterilization. In addition, UV LEDs are recognized from banknotes, applied to hardening of optical resins, insect trapping, printing, and development of biomedical, anti-counterfeiting, air purification, data storage and military fields in the sterilization, disinfection and other markets, with special lighting.

275nm UV led



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As the main product of Zhiding in 2020, SMD 3535 275nm UVC LED has the following advantages: low MOQ, favorable price, short delivery time. Good after sales and technical support.

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