275 Nm Smd Led

Water Disinfection High Power Germicidal 275nm UVC LED SMD 3535 UVC LED PART NO.: AL-H35GAU27-E6IA-P9
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Product Details

Water Disinfection High Power Germicidal 275nm UVC LED



Features :

1 Chip Material: InGaN

2 Lens Color: Water Clear

3 Lens Material: Lens Material: Au plating on Cu Substrate

4 Emitting Color: UV

5 Pb free.

6 The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.

7 3.45*3.45mm standard package

8 Suitable for all SMT assembly methods

9 Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow solder process

10 Compatible with automatic placement equipment

Package Dimensions

UVC led 3535


1. All dimensions are in mm.

2. Tolerance is ±0.25mm unless otherwise noted.

3535 UVC

Technical data sheet:

Electrical and Optical Characteristics:

ParameterSymbolTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Radiated FluxΦeIF=100mA710-mW
Radiant IrradianceEeIF=100mA-2.0-mW/cm2
Peak WavelengthΛpIF=100mA270275280nm
Spectrum Line HalfwidthΔλIF=100mA-11-nm
Forward VoltageVFIF=100mA5.56.57.9V
Viewing Angle2θ1/2IF=100mA-120-Deg
Reverse CurrentIRV R=5V--50uA

Note: 1. Forward voltage measurement allowance is ± 0.2V.

2. Radiant flux measurement allowance is ± 10%.

3. Irradiance tested at a distance 10mm from Al reflector.

4. Wavelength measurement allowance is ± 3nm.

Relative Spectral distribution

275 nm smd led

I-V Characteristic

275 nm smd led

Radiated power VS current

275 nm smd led

Usage Notice:

It is recommend to use low temperature solder paste for reflow, and the temperature curve is shown in the following diagram.

275 nm smd led




3.Medical, nail dryer

4.Currency Verification, currency detector

5.Fluorescence Microscopy

6.Inspection of dyes, rodent and animal contamination

7.Leak detection

Because of the characteristics of low wavelength and high energy, UVC light can damage the molecular structure of DNA (Desoxyribonucleic Acid) and RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) in the cells of microorganism(pathogens such as bacteria, virus, spore) within a short time( 3s), thus the cells can't regeneration, and the bacteria and virus lose the ability of self-reproduction., the UVC LEDs can be widely applied in different desinfection products for water, air and surface sterilization.

275 nm smd led

275 nm smd led

Some questions you may want to ask

Q1. How long of your delivery time?

A1. 3 days for samples, 2 weeks for formal order.

Q2. Can you provide customization and OEM service?

A2. Yes, we offer customization and OEM service, please tell us your requirements clearly.

Q3. What chip you usually use for your led?

A3. Normally we use Taiwan chip. We will choose suitable chip for different leds.

Q4. What is your main products?

A4. Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, designing and selling high quality LED lighting and LED related products. We have SMD LEDs, Dip leds, High Power LEDs, Piranha LEDs, IR LEDs and UV LEDs and so on. Welcome to receive your inquiry.

Q5. Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?

We, the warming customer or his agent or his 3nd party come to our factory for detail checking. We protect the customer's design, sales area competition, ideas of design And all of your provate information.

275 nm smd led

As the main product of Zhiding in 2020, SMD 3535 275nm UVC LED has the following advantages: low MOQ, favorable price, short delivery time. Good after sales and technical support.

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