UV Led 365nm High Power

​LED 1W or 3W 365nm UV LED Ultraviolet LED Chip Light High Power LED , can be Bead with 20mm Base for DIY
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UV led 365nm high power

LED 1W or 3W 365nm UV LED Ultraviolet LED Chip Light High Power LED , can be Bead with 20mm Base for DIY.

Part No.LED Chip
Lens Color
MaterialEmitting Color
AL-H1W33UV-365InGaNUVWater Clear

UV led 365nm high power

UV led 365nm high power


1, All dimensions are in mm

2, Tolerance is +-0.25mm unless otherwise noted

3, All dimensions without tolerances are for reference only

4, The anode side of the device is denoted by a hole in the lead frame

5, Electrical insulation between the case and the board is required. The slug of the device is no electrically neutral

6, Drawing are not to scale

7, Specifications are subject to change without notice

UV led 365nm high power

Emitting Colour: UV Wave Length: 365nm - 370nm

Quantity: 1 Piece

DC Forward Voltage: 3.4V - 3.8V 

DC Forward Current: 700mA 

Luminous Intensity: 50~55mW

Viewing Angle: 120 Degree

About the wavelength of 365 LED, Eyes can only see a little bit of purple light. It is different from 400nm uv led light. 400nm uv LED light closer to blue light, So it looks brighter than 365 nm led light. But in fact the light intensity for 365nm uv light is higher than 400nm uv light, for instance, 365 nm UV curing glue curing speed is the fastest.





4.Currency Verification 

5.Fluorescence Microscopy 

6.Inspection of dyes, rodent and animal contamination 

7.Leak detection 


UV led 365nm high power

Usage Notes:

1, When using the product, pay attention to control the working current and avoid excessive current;

2, High-power LED products generate a large amount of heat when working and must have good heat dissipation. If multiple products are used at the same time, besides a good heat conduction system, a large area of aluminum or copper shell is required to assist heat dissipation;

3, The contact position between the bottom of high-power LED and PCB is recommended to be directly connected with solder tin. Try not to use the heat dissipation paste. The heat dissipation paste will cure after a period of use, which will affect the thermal conductivity;

4, During the processing of high-power LED, it is necessary to ensure that the cooling fin at the bottom of the product can be closely attached to the PCB, and the product cannot be tilted or raised.

UV led 365nm high power

UV led 365nm high power

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UV led 365nm high power

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