5050 RGB LED

Product Description SMD 5050 RGB led typical applications are reading lights, uplighters and downlighters, garden lighting, general lighting. This led is 1000pcs per reel.
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Product Details

5050 rgb led

Product Description

SMD 5050 RGB led typical applications are reading lights, uplighters and downlighters, garden lighting, general lighting. This led is 1000pcs per reel.


5050 rgb led Parameter:

Because the 5050 SMD LED's volume is relatively small, the workmanship is more sophisticated, so manual welding is not convenient, but not that can not be welded, the welding temperature should be controlled within 250 degrees, otherwise it will scald the more expensive 5050 SMD led.

Since the 5050 SMD led parameter determines that he must be a favorite led, so he is often used in high-end civilian energy-saving lamps, car dashboard, led lights, cell phone backlight and buttons, instrumentation backlight and requires small size LED The products, LED backlight, switch and logo flat backlight, caller ID, flash, car, audio, indoor display, lighting market!

5050 rgb led light contrast:


5050 rgb led Features:
1. Chip Material: AlInGaP/InGaN/InGaN
2. Lens Color: Water Clear
3.5.0 x5.0x1.8mm (5050) standard package
4. 1000pcs/reel
5. Extremely wide viewing angle 120 degree
6. Suitable for all SMT assembly and solder process
7. Compatible with automatic placement equipment

Production for 5050 rgb led

The higher the current, the higher the voltage, the higher the temperature, the smaller the current, the light angle: 120 degrees

The forward current is 60mA, and the maximum reverse voltage cannot exceed 5V.

The best working temperature is between -35 and +60°C. If you do not consider the problem of light decay lifetime, you can also work below +85 degrees.

Power: 0.18W (Same power as 0.2W on the market)

Packaging for 5050 rgb led

The standard package is 1000pcs per anti-static bag, 2 or 10 bags per small box, 4 boxes per carton.


Shipping for 5050 rgb led
We can provide DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT Express service and so on. Please tell us which shipping method you are prefer for 5050 rgb led.

5050 rgb led Instructions

1, current: 43-46mA (this is the most ideal drive current); maximum use current can not exceed 60mA;

2, the voltage of 2.8-3.6V (requires lamp flash voltage can not exceed 5V, or on the LED lamp beads are damaged or severely damaged and can not be repaired);

3, the ambient temperature -20 °C ~ +40 °C (requires the thermal design of the lamp to do better, LED lamp pin temperature can not exceed 60 degrees);

4. If the current is 14-20mA, the brightness will decrease by 4% for each 1mA current reduction.

5, the current is 0.12W at 43-46mA, 0.15W at 46-53mA, and 0.18W at 54-60mA;

6, low power consumption

7, long service life

With the right current and voltage, the LED's lifetime can reach 100,000 hours.

8, high brightness, low heat

Less heat radiation than HID or incandescent lamps.

9, environmental protection

The LED is made of non-toxic materials. Unlike fluorescent lamps, mercury can cause pollution, and LEDs can also be recycled.

10, strong and durable

The LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy, which is stronger than bulbs and fluorescent tubes. There are no loose parts in the lamp body. These features make the LED unbreakable.

11, strong controllability

Easy to implement color changes and light and dark changes, and the rapid response.

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