PLCC 6 Smd White Led

Neutral White 5000-7000K smd 5050 triple chips white led Part Number: AL-S5050NWY-BLK60-VGM
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3 chips PLCC 6 5050 smd white led

Neutral White 5000-7000K smd 5050 triple chips white led

Part Number: AL-S5050NWY-BLK60-VGM

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Power DissipationPd120mW/per chip

Peak Forward Current

(Duty 1/10 @1KHz)

IFP100mA/per chip
Forward CurrentIF20

mA/per chip

Electrostatic Discharge(HBM)



V/per chip

Reverse Voltage


V/per chip

Operating Temperature Range


-30℃ to + 80℃

Storage Temperature Range


-40℃ to + 120℃

Lead Soldering Temperature

[2.0mm from body]


Reflow Soldering : 260 ℃ for 10 sec.

Hand Soldering : 350 ℃ for 3 sec.

ParameterSymbolTest ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Luminous IntensityΦvIF=60mA2426--lm
Chromaticity CoordinatesXIF=60mA--
Chromaticity CoordinatesYIF=60mA--

Color Temperature



Forward Voltage


IF=20mA/per chip2.8--3.6V

Viewing Angle


Reverse CurrentIR

VR=5V/per chip


Production for 5050 white led

The higher the current, the higher the voltage, the higher the temperature, the smaller the current, the light angle: 120 degrees

The forward current is 60mA, and the maximum reverse voltage cannot exceed 5V.

The best working temperature is between -35 and +60°C. If you do not consider the problem of light decay lifetime, you can also work below +85 degrees.

Power: 0.18W (Same power as 0.2W on the market)

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Product guarantee

We using the original Taiwan Epistar and CREE chip

Quality assurance

All products are 2 years warranty and all products are strictly under controlled of our company's quality management system, and they are fully checked and shipped to ensure product quality.


ZHIDING promised to supply samples within one week. Small batch order can be completed within two weeks. Fast response to customer complains within 24 hours and handled a series of problems that the customer faced efficiently.

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Instruction Manual

Thank you for using Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology Co., Ltd series products, in order to enhance your understanding of our company's product characteristics, to facilitate you to master its characteristics during use, to minimize or avoid unnecessary factors caused by human factors Damage or performance mismatch. Hereby explai 

1.Material confirmation

Is the LED BIN rating of the feed matched? For example: voltage CIE BIN brightness and other parameters are the same level, the same level should be used together. Whether the positive and negative polarities meet the requirements, whether the different foot positions meet the requirements. If the same level of LED is not applied to the same item, its applicability should be evaluated first. (If the different voltage BINs are used together, the brightness may be different, and different CIE BINs may use the luminescent colors together to make a difference).

2.Packing and storage

Avoid moisture entering the inside of the LED before opening the package. It is recommended that the SMD series of LEDs be stored in a desiccant drying cabinet. Storage environment temperature range 5-30 degrees, humidity does not exceed 50%.

3.Preventive measures after opening the package

After unpacking, take the whole roll dehumidification measures as much as possible, and dehumidify the conditions: baking at 70 degrees for 4-12 hours. The dehumidified material should be used as soon as possible (within 24 hours). Remaining material should be sealed or placed in an environment with 10-40 degrees humidity and no more than 30% humidity.

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5050 white led

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