3030 Warm White Led

P. N.: SMD 3030 LED (WHITE) PART NO.: AL-H30EMK40-ELR9-W1 Package: 4000pcs/reel
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Product Details

3030 warm white led

Typical Applications

● Automotive: Dashboards, stop lamps, turn signals.

● Backlighting: LCDs, Key pads advertising.

● Status indicators: Consumer & industrial electronics.

● General use.

3030 warm white led


1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches).

2. Tolerance is ±0.10mm (0.004') unless otherwise specified.

3030 warm white led

Features :

● Chip Material: InGaN

● Lens Color: Yellow Diffused

● Emitted Color: Neutral White

● 3.0×3.0×0.6mm (3030) standard package.

● Suitable for all SMT assembly methods.

● Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow solder process.

● Compatible with automatic placement equipment.

Below is data sheet for 0.5W type (150mA), 3030 SMD LED also have 1W type, then luminous flux will more than 100lm. We have stock, so could have fast delivery!

ParameterSymbol Test ConditionMin.Typ.Max.Unit
Luminous FluxΦVIF=150mA4550__lm
Forward VoltageVFIF=150mA2.8--3.4V
Correlated Color TemperatureCCTIF=150mA3500--4500K
Color Rendering Index(Ra)CRIIF=150mA90----Ra
Viewing Angle2θ1/2IF=150mA--120--deg
Reverse CurrentIR VR=5V----10uA


1. Tolerance of Luminous Intensity ±15%

2. Tolerance of Forward Voltage ±0.1V

3030 White led using the most advanced full ASM solid crystal, wire automatic equipment, automatic sub-BIN taping machines and other fully automatic equipment; products in the design fully take into account the LED light, electricity, thermal characteristics, the use of imported low-light fade water package , The selection of raw materials used are verified by the reliability of the experiment, the product is more stable, high anti-ESD ability, low light decay, good consistency and so on.

3030 warm white led

3030 warm white led

3030 warm white led

3030 warm white led

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For SMD 3030 white LED, we have stock, welcome to retail. Samples are provided free of charge for customer testing.

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