SMD Led 1206 Rgb

1206 Colorful SMD SMT LED Light Lamp Beads For Strip Lights Part Number: AL-S1206RGBC
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SMD led 1206 rgb

1206 Colorful SMD SMT LED Light Lamp Beads For Strip Lights

Part Number: AL-S1206RGBC

The RGB 1206 LED is a vibrant color that you can't go wrong with. 3216 is another name that the SMD is commonly known as. This LED is used in many of today's popular electronics. We have seen them used as direct replacements in electronics to simply change the colors. They are also used for custom projects or in mass production products as well.


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1206 RGB LED Specifications:

Size: 3.2x1.6x1.1mm

Red: 620-630nm, 80-160mcd

Green: 515-530nm, 300-600mcd

Blue: 460-475nm, 60-120mcd

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1206 RGB LED Features:

In excellent condition

Long lasting (over 100,000hrs)

Low Power Consumption

I.C. Compatible

Intensely Bright

Outdoor/Indoor lighting

Home and Garden decoration

Car, boat, bike DIY


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2. What are the best selling products in ZHIDING?

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1206 rgb led

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