Reverse Mount White LED

Now only SMD 1206 led have reverse mount type, it also have full color: red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue and white. This type led often be used for gaming keyboard. This led is top view type.
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Reverse mount white led Product Description

Now only SMD 1206 led have reverse mount type, it also have full color: red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue and white. This type led often be used for gaming keyboard. This led is top view type.


reverse mount white led Parameter:


reverse mount white led Features:
1.Package in 8mm tape on 7”diameter reel
2. High intensity and reliability
3. High quality, low power requirement and low cost
4. IC compatible and easy assembly
5. Meet SGS certification
6. ESD 2000V
7. Compatible with automatic placement equipment



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Production for smd 1206 white led
We using the most advanced full ASM solid crystal, wire automatic equipment, automatic sub-BIN taping machines and other fully automatic equipment; products in the design fully take into account the LED light, electricity, thermal characteristics, the use of imported low-light fade water package , The selection of raw materials used are verified by the reliability of the experiment, the product is more stable, high anti-ESD ability, low light decay, good consistency and so on.

reverse mount 1206 smd led have full color, welcome to your inquiry!


reverse mount white led usage notes:

▼ Welding conditions

1. Soldering iron welding, the tip temperature can not exceed 300 degrees, welding time within 3 seconds;

2. The temperature of the tin furnace is controlled at 260-280 degrees, within 3 seconds of the tin time;

3. Wave soldering preheating temperature is generally divided into three sections, preheating temperature from low to high, due to LED packaging adhesive epoxy resin used, the glass transition point (TG point) is 135-150 degrees, so preheat If the temperature is too high, generating a large stress will affect the internal performance of the colloid and lamp beads, preheat temperature is controlled below 120 degrees. The tin temperature is controlled at about 260 degrees, within 3 seconds of the tin time. If the temperature is too high or the welding time is too long, it may cause serious damage to the LED, and there may be a large area of dead or dark lights.

▼ Cleaning

1. At room temperature, steam cleaning time must not exceed one minute and dry immediately.

2, When there is a cleaning requirement, you can use alcohol to clean, it is strictly forbidden to use other organic solvents.

3. Dry immediately after washing with clean water to avoid causing the lamp foot to rust.

4. Led cleaning in the ultrasonic cleaning instrument may destroy its structure, the sample should be tested before large quantities of cleaning.

▼Product Usage Notes

LED storage conditions

Normal temperature, cool and dry place; avoid placing in a humid place, open the bag of lamp beads when not used, seal immediately to prevent rust

Static Protection

Static electricity will breakdown led lamp beads, so that its photoelectric properties are seriously affected, affect lamp life (such as increased leakage current, static forward voltage decreases or rises, in the low current test is not lit or light is not normal).

1. All employees who come into contact with the lamp beads must wear anti-static wristbands;

2. Any production equipment that must be exposed to the LED must be reliably grounded. If necessary, an ion fan can be added. All equipment should be connected to the grounding mains.

Drive power selection

Driving power is the heart of LED light source. Selecting a good quality power supply is critical to the service life of the LED. Therefore, good quality electronic components (especially electrolytic capacitors and other key components) must be used to control the power quality. Under any circumstance, the constant current drive shall be implemented. Do not cause the output current to burn out the lamp beads due to grid voltage fluctuations or lightning surges.

reverse mount white led packaging show:

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