Surface Mount 0603 White Led

0603 Cool White led part number: AL-S0603CWY-LP06-ZT
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Surface mount 0603 white led

0603 SMD LEDs are used in a variety of electronics.

0603 Cool White led part number: AL-S0603CWY-LP06-ZT

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0603 cool white led Parameter

X: 0.28, Y: 0.26; Brightness: 800-1200mcd; Size: 1.6x0.8x0.6mm.

0603 SMD Cool / Clear White - Ultra Bright LED Application:

You will see them in your phones, stereos, game consoles etc... They are especially popular in the Xbox 360, Play station 3, and WIFI modifications. They are used for the lights in the controllers, power buttons, and indicators. This is a very small light and will require tweezers and a good eye to install.


High Brightness Output

Ideal for Light Displays

Standard SMD 0603 Size

RoHS Compliant

Perfect for console and appliance modifications commonly used in Games Consoles, Vehicle Display Lighting, DJ Equipment, Mobile Phones and many other products. More related SMD LEDs please see below:


Quantity : As Selected

Colour : As Selected

Case Style : As Selected

Material : InGaN/AlGaInP

Lenses Type : Crystal Clear

Viewing Angle : 120deg

Forward Current : 20mA (typical), 30mA (max)

Size 0402 : 1.0mm (L) x 0.5mm (W) x 0.4mm (H)

Size 0603 : 1.6mm (L) x 0.8mm (W) x 0.4mm/0.6mm/0.8mm(H)

Size 0805 : 2.0mm (L) x 1.25mm (W) x 0.8mm/1.1mm(H)

Size 1206 : 3.2mm (L) x 1.6mm (W) x 1.1mm (H)

Size 0602 : 1.7mm (L) x 0.6mm (W) x 1.1mm (H)

Size 0802 : 2.1mm (L) x 0.6mm (W) x 1.0mm (H)

Size 1204 : 3.0mm (L) x 1.0mm (W) x 1.4mm/1.7mm/1.9mm (H)

Size 0605 : 1.6mm (L) x 1.5mm (W) x 0.6mm (H)

Size 1210 : 3.2mm (L) x 2.7mm (W) x 1.1mm (H)

Size 3020 : 3.0mm (L) x 2.0mm (W) x 1.3mm (H)

Size 3528 : 3.5mm (L) x 2.8mm (W) x 1.3mm/1.9mm (H)

Size 5050 : 5.0mm (L) x 5.0mm (W) x 1.6mm/1.8mm (H)

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