2mm Yellow Light LEDs

2mm Water Clear Diffused Top Flat Hat Yellow LED Diodes AL-L022UYC
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2mm yellow light LEDs

2mm Water Clear Diffused Top Flat Hat Yellow LED Diodes


2mm yellow light LEDs

Lighthouse style LEDs with a colour diffused or water clear lens in a 2mm package. The LEDs are ideal for through hole mounting applications including electronic signs, signals and illuminating small areas.

2mm yellow light LEDs

Range of colours available

High luminous flux

Long lifespan

Excellent UV resistance

Technical Information
Red=625nm, Yellow=590nm, Orange=605nm, Green=525nm, Blue=470nm
BrightnessRed=500-1000mcd, Yellow=500-1000mcd, Orange=500-1000mcd, Green=1500-2500mcd, Blue=500-1000mcd, White=1500-3000mcd, Warm White=1500-3000mcd
Viewing Angle

White, Warm White, Blue = 25mA

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green = 30mA


White, Warm White, Blue, Green = 3.1V

Red, Yellow, Orange = 2.1V

2mm yellow light LEDs Features

1 The principle of light emission is cold light emission, not light emission by heating or discharging. Therefore, the lifetime of a device is about 50 to 100 times longer than a tungsten light bulb, and about 100,000 hours.

2 does not need warm light time, lighting response speed is faster than normal light (about 3 ~ 400ns).

3 The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, and the power consumption is small, saving about 1/3 to 1/20 of the energy consumption of the bulb.

4 Good shock resistance, high reliability and low system operation cost.

5 Easy to be small, thin, light weight, no shape restrictions, easy to make a variety of applications.

LED diodes Features

1. Chip Material: AIGalnP

2. Shape: Round LED, oval LED, straw hat LED, helmet LED, square LED, flat top LED, bullet LED, concave LED, rectangle LED 

3. Available Size: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm,20mm 

4. Lens type: Water clear, colored diffuse ,color transparent

5. Emitted color: Red, White, Yellow, Orange, yellow-green, Green, Blue, Purple, RGB flash

6. Different angle available 

7. Low power consumption, high intensity, uniform illumination 

8. Solid-state, high shock and vibration resistant 

9. Major reduction in power cost 

10. No RF interference 

11. Maintenance free, easy installation 

12. Long life 70,000-100,000hours 

13. Superior ESD protection

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2mm yellow light LEDs

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2mm yellow light LEDs

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