2mm White LED

Product Description 2mm tower led is nipple shape through hole type dip led. The size is 2.0x8.0mm, view angle is 40 degree or 60 degree. It has small size, low light decay and long lifespan advantages and so on. 2mm white led have warm white, neutral white and...
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Product Details

2mm white led

1. Chip Material: InGaN
2. Lens Color: Water Clear or White Diffused
3. 2.0x8.0mmstandard package
4. 1000pcs/bag
5. Source Color: White 0.225.jpg
2mm white led Parameter:

Limit parameters at room temperature 25°C

Dissipation power: 70mW

Pulse current (1/10 duty cycle 0.1 millimeter wave width): 100mA

Operating current (IF): 20mA

Reverse Voltage (VR): 5V

Operating temperature range: -20°C~ +80°C

Storage temperature range: -30°C~ +100°C

Solder temperature (from the root of 4.0 mm): 260°C for 5 Seconds

Optoelectronic parameters at room temperature 25°C

Luminous intensity: 800-1200MCD

Luminous angle (full-width): 110deg

Color temperature: white, warm white, cool white

Voltage: 3.0-3.5V

Reverse current: 5μA

2mm white led full colors:

2mm white led Applications:

Production Process for 2mm white led:
2mm white led using the most advanced full ASM solid crystal, wire automatic equipment, automatic sub-BIN taping machines and other fully automatic equipment; products in the design fully take into account the LED light, electricity, thermal characteristics, the use of imported low-light fade water package , The selection of raw materials used are verified by the reliability of the experiment, the product is more stable, high anti-ESD ability, low light decay, good consistency and so on.

2mm white led Company Information and Production Line

Equipped with the most advanced equipment in the industry, it can fully meet the delivery requirements of customers. Using a professional ERP system, you can integrate the company's manufacturing resources to achieve optimal performance. Professional engineering and technical personnel provide services to provide one-on-one service and quality assurance for customers. With rigorous quality system, has a fully enclosed anti-static dust-free workshop. The location is excellent, and there are a wealth of external resources and logistics arrangements that can provide guarantees for customer delivery.


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