2mm And Smaller LEDs

High light intensity through hole 1.8mm 2mm flat top lamp led
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2mm and smaller LEDs

High light intensity through hole 1.8mm 2mm flat top lamp led

2mm and smaller LEDs

2mm and smaller LEDs

2mm and smaller LEDs

2mm and smaller LEDs

Production for 2mm and smaller LEDs

2mm blue tower leds using the most advanced full ASM solid crystal, wire automatic equipment, automatic sub-BIN taping machines and other fully automatic equipment; products in the design fully take into account the LED light, electricity, thermal characteristics, the use of imported low-light fade water package , The selection of raw materials used are verified by the reliability of the experiment, the product is more stable, high anti-ESD ability, low light decay, good consistency and so on.

2mm and smaller LEDs

Our service

1. 3 years warranty

2. 5 years technical service team

3.professional sales team

4.Free Sample is available

5.Fast delivery

6.Aiming at the consult of "high quality, zero defect", give you the best quality, best service.

Company Introduction

Established in 2009. According to the law, in 2009 in Dongguan registered as a general taxpayers; 

Registered capital of 3,000,000 RMB;

National high-tech enterprises;

Corporate vision: to become valuable and respected brand leader in LED lighting;

ISO9001 quality system certification and the actual operation; •Company covers about 12,000 square meters; 

Main product: research and development production and sales of LED light source, including smd led, led diodes, high power led, and COB led;

Staff: Senior R & D personnel more than 10, about 260 employees;

More than 10 product lines for light source;

Research and develop two or three new designs alone to meet the market requirement.

2mm and smaller LEDs

Sales Representative

Elsa Xiao

Oversea Sales Manager

Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology CO., LTD

Add: No. 8, Yinling street, XiaQiao, Dongcheng Dist., Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Web: http://www.allightled.com/


E-mail: sales@zhidingled.com

Skype: elsa.xiao0418

Mobile/Whatsapp: 86-13412570091

Tel: 86-769-22665151

Fax: 86-769-22665155

2mm and smaller LEDs

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