Why Is The High-voltage LED Strip Already The First Choice For Home Improvement?

- Jan 18, 2019-

With the introduction of LED light strip products to the market, according to the characteristics of its products, it has been widely used in various places at home and abroad, and has become an indispensable lighting decoration product. In the process of using, its products are gradually improving, from the monotonous monochrome temperature to the current remote control, the dimming color temperature and so on. As long as there are products in the market, industry elites will design and develop novel products. Therefore, the types of LED light strips continue to increase. Nowadays, the LED light strips in the market can be divided into two types, that is, the input voltage level is used for classification. One type is low-voltage LED strips, and the input voltage used is generally DC12/24V. The class is a high voltage LED strip, and the input voltage used is generally AC110V/220V.

Both products have their own strengths, and the advantages of the two products are complementary. A low-voltage LED strip requires a transformer to illuminate when in use, while a high-voltage LED strip can be powered directly through a bridge. Another feature is that the low-voltage LED strips must be paralleled every 5 meters to be extended, while the high-voltage LED strips are 50 meters or 100 meters. When high-end LEDs are used, high-voltage LED strips are generally selected. After understanding, let's talk about why the high-voltage LED strip is the first choice for home-made dark troughs and the low-voltage LED strip is the second choice, because the high-voltage LED strips do not need to use the power drive for rectification, and can work through the bridge wiring. One of the most important features is what has been said above. The length can be 50 meters, and the low voltage is 5 meters and then parallel. As can be seen. The installation of a high-pressure lamp belt is more convenient for the installation of the low-voltage lamp strip. Although the low-voltage LED lamp with safety factor is better than the high pressure, but because it is a dark groove, so don't worry about the child will touch. So this is the inevitable result of installing a high-voltage LED strip in a dark trough.