What Is An LED Lantern?

- Sep 14, 2018-

An LED lantern can refer to any type of lighting device that emits light using a special bulb called a light emitting diode, or LED. An LED is a very compact, bright bulb that emits less heat than a standard filament bulb, and therefore uses less energy and lasts much longer. An LED light can come in a variety of colors, making it more versatile than other types of bulbs as well.

While many applications exist for LED lights, an LED lantern is very popular for home use, outdoor sports and camping, and other practical applications. When grouped together, LEDs can provide a strong beam of light which can be focused in a single direction or in several directions. An LED lantern generally focuses the beams of light in several directions to cast off enough light to light up the immediate area. The LED lantern's brightness depends on how many LEDs are clustered in the lantern itself.

Such lanterns are generally battery-powered; depending on how many LEDs the lantern contains, it may run off just one AAA battery, off several D size batteries, or it may use other battery sizes. Unlike other lanterns, such as propane lanterns, an LED lantern is safe for indoor applications; campers can use LED lanterns inside a tent because they are not flammable like propane lanterns. Further, because LED lanterns do not give off heat like propane lanterns or standard filament bulbs, they are safe to touch, safe around children, and safe around pets.

One type of LED lantern that is a good choice for personal use, camping use, and emergency use is the LED headlamp. This is a type of LED lighting device that is typically fastened to an elastic strap that fits snugly around the head. It is fully adjustable so the direction of the LED beam can be pointed in the direction the user is looking. LED headlamps are generally very compact, lightweight, and water-resistant for outdoor use. They are also small enough to be easily stashed in a glove compartment for emergency use in a vehicle.

LED lanterns are becoming more common for emergency purposes as well. During blackouts in buildings, LEDs are often for back-up lighting in hallways and stairways; LED lanterns are common in emergency kits for office buildings and vehicles because of their long lives and low energy use; and search and rescue teams use LED lanterns, headlamps, and LED flashlights in a variety of emergency settings.