What Is A Cordless Lamp?

- Sep 26, 2018-

Lamps provide wonderful ways to add lighting in a room. In many homes, they’re not only decorative but also necessary because the homes may lack installed lighting. The trouble with some lamps is that they need to be plugged into outlets to provide that light, and this may prove unattractive or difficult if plugs are in use for other things. One solution to the problem is to use a cordless lamp instead, or numerous ones, to satisfy lighting needs.

As the name implies, the cordless lamp lacks a cord and typically is powered by batteries instead. Battery types may vary, and many lamps can require numerous batteries, particularly if they’re larger and provide brighter light. Some lamps come with a rechargeable battery charger, and rechargeable batteries, which is definitely a less expensive way to go if the lamp will be used most of the time.

Without rechargeable batteries, people may find they need to replace batteries in the cordless lamp frequently, an expensive task. The disadvantage of purchasing lamps with rechargeable battery sets is that they are usually more expensive. An alternative is to purchase any cordless lamp and buy a battery recharger from a local electronics store, which may be a little less expensive.

Another consideration with these lamps is whether the lamps use light bulbs. Some provide LED lighting that will last a considerably long time and doesn’t require replacement. Others will use standard or fluorescent bulbs instead. People may prefer not only having a lamp that lacks a cord, but that also lacks the need to change bulbs too, but others would rather have lamps that look more like standard lighting with cords.

Once the situation of providing power for the lamp and deciding on lighting type is solved, there are numerous ways to use cordless lamps in the home. An advantage to these sources of light is that they are portable, and can be moved from room to room as needed. Also, these lamps may be ideal in things like campers and motor homes.

Styles are available to suit lots of different design schemes. These include floor and table lamps, bedside lamps, clip lights, and things like mood lights. Some styles are deliberately meant to mimic other sources of lighting, such as flameless or battery powered candles. Sometimes focus is on the design of the cordless lamp, and there are numerous ones with artistic shapes that provide a point of decorative interest.