What Do Diodes And Triode Look Like

- Apr 11, 2018-

Two of the feet are diodes, three of them are triode, and there are some other shapes that cannot be listed.

The main characteristic of diode is the single point wizard, the characteristics of it can convert alternating current to direct current (dc), the low temperature profile of our DianRuZi is implemented by a diode. The radio signal detection is accomplished by the diode, the power light we see at ordinary times is a diode - leds.

The main characteristic of the triode is amplification, which can amplify small electrical signals into the large electrical signals required.

I'm just talking about the basics, if you want to know more, look at the basics of the electronic circuit.

Diode: current can only flow in one direction.

Diodes are mainly "four price" semiconductors, such as silicon, which are all covalent bonds with a small amount of 5 on one side and a small amount of 3 on one side. So we're going to add 5 to the position of the silicon, which is the 4 electron configuration, so we're going to have more electrons here, and we're going to use electron conduction. The same is true for the 3 price, so there are "holes" (with positive electricity) and the holes (which are also electrons), so that on the opposite side of the point, you can only have a single flow.

Three: amplifying the current, the signal device is the top of the sandwich, in the middle of the kind, but thin, pure, add some circuit, very troublesome.