What Are The Methods For Protecting Large Screen Screens?

- May 18, 2019-

First, led large screen protection is reflected in the following aspects:

 1, led large-screen system screen external embellishment is made of high-quality aluminum-plastic composite board with very good flame-retardant properties, and the joints between the plates are tightly filled with high-quality weather-resistant glue.

 2, led large screen system in the pixel and module with an insulating rubber ring pressure seal to block water penetration.

3. The joint between the embellishment and the module is filled with foam rods and filled with high-quality weather-resistant glue to prevent moisture from entering.

Second, the way to protect the big screen of led:

 1. After 30,000 hours, the brightness of the screen is attenuated by about 15% (factory brightness). At this moment, the maximum brightness that the screen can reach is about 1500CD/m2. At this point, the maximum working brightness of the screen is 90-100%. ups and downs.

 2, led electronic display screen factory, the screen brightness is set to 2500CD / m2 or more, after the device debugging, manually set the full color display screen body maximum operating brightness of 70% of the factory, about 1800CD / m2.

3. The smoke sensor and temperature sensor of the internal device of the screen are connected to the monitoring screen of the PLC control system. When the internal temperature of the screen body heats up due to long-term operation or the humidity is large due to the climate, the system can open the fan and air conditioner.