What Are The Different Types Of Outdoor Christmas Lights?

- Nov 19, 2018-

Outdoor Christmas lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used to give festive flair to the exterior of the home. Lights can decorate walkways, trees, and garden features in addition to the house itself. From miniature bulbs to giant globes, outdoor lighting has come a long way from the old-fashioned twinkle lights that once adorned homes at Christmastime. Some outdoor Christmas lights feature innovative net and icicle style mountings and LED technology for added impact.

Net lights make it easy to decorate trees and gardens. Outdoor Christmas lights are attached to a fishnet-like web, allowing the homeowner to simply cast the net over a tree or shrub. Using net lights allows the homeowner to avoid the task of wrapping endless strands of lights around each individual tree or plant, making it easy to create an evenly lit display. Christmas lights on a net base are simple to remove as well; they can be peeled away from the plant and stored until needed.

Adorning the outside of a home with icicle lights allows the homeowner to duplicate the look of natural ice even in warm weather. Outdoor lights are suspended on wire to mimic the look of real icicles. As in nature, the length and thickness of the icicles will vary, creating a pleasing organic appearance. Typically white, icicle lights are best used to accent a roof or the eaves of a home.

Classic Christmas lights have seen a resurgence in popularity, though the lights used today are safer and more user-friendly than those from the past. Egg-sized bulbs in bright colors offer a nostalgic and charming appeal without the safety issues of their predecessors. Original outdoor Christmas lights were made from glass, and would burn anyone who touched them. The newer versions are tempered glass or heavy duty plastic and offer the look without the safety issues.

Eco-friendly LED lights are relatively late arrivals to the Christmas lighting scene. Just like the LED light bulbs used in homes, outdoor lights with LED bulbs consume far less electricity than their traditional counterparts. Using LED lights to adorn a home is a "green" way to decorate for Christmas. Solar-powered walkway lights and lighted Christmas decorations also work well for the eco-friendly home.

Adding a touch of fun and whimsy to the outside of a home is easy with novelty Christmas lights. From candy garlands to chains of miniature snowmen, novelty outdoor Christmas lights can be used to add a playful touch to entryways and patios. Novelty lights can be found at specialty retailers and other places where Christmas decorations are sold.