What Are The Different Types Of Artistic Lighting?

- Dec 03, 2018-

Artistic lighting sculptures can add flair, drama or whimsy to a room. Unlike utilitarian lighting, artistic lighting is designed with aesthetics at the forefront of purpose rather than functionality. Different styles of artistic lighting are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, and they can include hand-made features, such as blown-glass globes. The styles, sizes and colors of artistic lighting are plentiful, and range from wall sconces to sculptures and chandeliers.

In the kitchen and other areas of the home where sufficient lighting is critical, artistic lighting is often used in addition to a main lighting source. Kitchen-themed lighting may include a row of coffee cup lights hung from the ceiling, or a modern, linear suspension chandelier. Artistic kitchen-style chandeliers are available in traditional and contemporary styles, from vintage brass chandeliers dripping in crystals to chrome chandeliers with symmetrical rows of clear, cylinder-shaped lights.

Bathroom lighting can be given artistic flair by using glass landscapes, sconces and contemporary lighting fixtures. Glass landscapes have lighted shelves, which shine light above onto shaped pieces of clear and colored glass to form scenes, such as mountains, horses grazing and city parks. Artistic sconces can use materials to mimic nature, such as bamboo and bark. They also can be shaped like sea shells, sea fans and leaves. Contemporary lighting for the bathroom can include modernistic-shaped pendants, such as long cylinders, orbs and cones, or a chandelier-style light featuring rows of clear, hand-blown glass bubbles.

Free-standing sculptures can serve double-duty as lighting fixtures, as well as decorative pieces. The sculptures can be free-formed or structured shapes and crafted from natural or man-made materials. Lighted sculptures are often created for outdoor use, such as on a patio or in a swimming pool deck area. Other artistic lighting for outdoor use includes table lamps. They are often made from heavy, durable materials, such as slate, and made in chunky shapes to withstand wind challenges. Some types of outdoor lamps are also solar-powered.

Commercial buildings, such as museums, hospitals and shopping malls, will often utilize artistic lighting as a featured design element or to draw attention to an architectural feature or display. Artistic lighting is often used as a focal point in an entryway in order to impress visitors. Typically, commercial artistic lighting is offered on a larger scale, suitable to fill big spaces. Lighting accents can serve as decorative touches to help set the mood or tone of a room, whether the desire is to create an upscale, relaxing or artistic feel. In commercial settings as well as residential ones, lighted sculptures can serve as focal pieces on walls or ceilings.