What Are The Conventional LED Light Strip Accessories?

- Jan 18, 2019-

During the renovation, the owners usually see LED lighting accessories in the decoration list given by the decoration company. However, most owners do not know what this is. This situation is very good. First, Ordinary users usually do not have much contact with the LED light strip, and pay less attention to it. Second, because the light strip is a hidden device, usually only its light can be seen, but its shadow is not visible. Originally this is the highest level of use of lights - see the light can not see the lights!

The LED strip is mainly used for backlighting, such as brightening the ceiling of the ceiling, which can perfectly enhance the space air and add a sense of spatial layering. Therefore, the role of the LED strip is very important. Based on the communication with some users, the author summed up some common sense of LED light strips and the frequently encountered problems in purchasing. I made this purchase guide and hope to assist the owners who want to decorate. First look at the function of the lamp strip, the color of the LED strip.

The LED light strip is usually wrapped with a clear plastic, so the color of the LED light strip is originally the color of the LED light bulb. As mentioned above, LED lights have monochromatic lights such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, and warm white, and there are also colorful changes. But warm white light, white light and other monochrome are often used in homes, and it is not popular!

Currently commonly used LED light strip accessories are 3528 light strips and 5050 light strips (3528 refers to the LED light source scale, length 3.2mm width 2.8 mm, 5050 refers to the LED light source length and width are 5.0 mm), the difference between the two On the one hand, the scale is different. On the other hand, there are 3 LED chips in the 5050 lamp bead, and there is only one LED chip in 3528. Therefore, under the same number of lamp beads, the brightness of the 5050 LED lamp is 3 times that of the 3528 LED lamp, and the power is also It is 3 times more expensive than the quote.

Regarding power consumption, in connection with the question of electricity charges, many users attach great importance to this question. The rated power of the 3528 single LED lamp bead is 0.06W (0.02A*3V=0.06W), while the rated power of the 5050 is 0.18W (0.02A*3V*3=0.18W). In addition, the maintenance resistor is added to the circuit. In this way, according to 60 lights / m, the power consumption of a 3,528 light strip is 4W, and a 5050 light strip is 12W. If you install tens of meters, the power consumption distance is still very large. Other lamp strips are mainly used to brighten the light trough, and most of the decoration functions are used. Therefore, taking into account the power consumption, quotation and other factors, the LED light strip of 3,528 lamps per meter is the most used.

Composition and device attention

1. LED light strip accessories consist of LED lamp beads, circuit boards, wires, glue, resistors and related accessories.

2, high-voltage LED light strip is usually 100 meters a roll, when ordering according to the length of the demand from the number of orders, these should be notified to the seller in advance, usually will help you cut off. It is usually necessary to use several sections at home, each with a connector, and plug it directly into the socket. Since the high-voltage LED light strip uses 220V high-voltage power, for safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that the seller please pick it up for you. If you really want to cut it yourself, you need to pay attention to it. The light strip usually indicates the special scissors mouth. The marked scissors opening is cut and connected, and it can be used. (Keep in mind: be sure to cut according to the clarification, otherwise it will not form a bright! Connect the power plug together, otherwise there are security risks!)

3, the light belt is equipped with accessories, the accessories usually have plugs (that is, power supply), pins (for connection), fixed cards (plastic clips for fixing the light strips) and tail plugs (maintaining plastic sleeves with tails) These accessories usually have a delivery, but the need to negotiate with the merchant first, do not have a part in the meantime.