What Are The Advantages Of UV-LED Point Source?

- Jul 11, 2019-

In recent years, with the continuous updating of machinery in China's processing industry, the UV-LED curing machine point light source technology has emerged as the times require. Compared with traditional UV equipment, it has greater advantages, because UV-LED point source illumination machine The device adopts LED illumination to meet the needs of different materials.

1. No heat radiation:

Using a cold light source, the high-power illuminator emits no infrared rays, and the surface temperature of the irradiated product rises below 5 °C, solving the long-term thermal damage problem in optical communication and liquid crystal production.

2, environmental protection and no pollution:

The use of semiconductor light, no mercury, no ozone, no environmental pollution in the process, is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light source technology.

3. Reduce consumable costs:

LED usage time can generally reach 25000-30000 hours, while traditional LAMP mode irradiation machine needs to replace the lamp tube for about 2000 hours. UV-LED adopts cable output, no fiber guide light, LED can reduce the cost of equipment consumables and improve Equipment utilization.

4, longer service life:

Compared with traditional UV curing equipment, the mercury lamp has a service life of only 800-2000 hours, and the UV LED UV curing system has a service life of 30,000 hours. The LED method can be lit only when ultraviolet light is needed, and the service life of the LED method is equivalent to 35-40 times that of the mercury lamp. Reduces the time required to replace the bulb, increases production efficiency, and is also very energy efficient.

5, super illuminance:

The UVLED point light source curing system converts the high-power ultraviolet light-emitting diode chip to produce high-purity 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light through the conversion of electric energy and light energy. The energy is highly concentrated in the wavelength range required for uv curing. It achieves high-intensity output and uniformity that is more optimized than traditional mercury lamp irradiation methods, almost twice the illuminance of traditional mercury lamp methods, which makes UV adhesives cure faster, shortens production time and greatly improves production efficiency. .

The UV-LED point source industry is a new type of environmentally friendly light source. With its unique light source advantage, it is making up for the shortage of traditional landscape lights, and it is a promising product of similar energy-saving lamps.