What Are LED Window Candles?

- Oct 17, 2018-

Light emitting diode (LED) candles can offer a safer alternative to open flames. This can be especially true with LED window candles, as the close proximity of fire to glass could cause discoloration or even cracking if the window pane is thin and it is very cold outside. Modern LED technology can be used to imitate candles in a fairly realistic manner, including faux-flames that flicker much like real candles. LED window candles are typically available in a wide variety of configurations, including units that run off alternating current (AC) power, and others that use batteries.

Many people enjoy placing candles in their windows as a winter holiday decoration, though this activity can come with some inherent risks. A potential fire hazard can be created any time an open flame is left unattended. If a window has cloth drapes or shades, traditional window candles may be even more dangerous. LED window candles can create the same kind of decorative effect without the dangers of fire. In the past, electric lights replaced candles as holiday tree decorations in much the same way that LED window candles can offer an alternative that lacks an open flame.

Advances in LED technology have resulted in imitation candles that look very much like the real thing. The flames are typically constructed of plastic or similar materials, and the LED can create a realistic effect by flickering or subtly changing color. Flickering LED candles may be able to create the same type of visual effect as real candles, both lighting the home and casting a warm, welcoming glow outside. This can allow technology to facilitate the same types of holiday experiences enjoyed in the past without some of the potential dangers.

LED technology may also offer a number of different benefits when used in imitation candles. The power consumption of an LED can be very low in comparison to other electric light sources, allowing a battery powered window candle to stay lit all day and night. Cordless LED window candles can be used on just about any window sill, regardless of whether it is close to a power outlet. Other window candles may be able to run on AC power without noticeably increasing the electricity bill. It may also be possible to obscure the cords with imitation holly or other holiday themed materials, furthering the illusion that the LED candles are actually real candles.