Visible Light Sensor Sg-pt3548b Is Used For Backlight Brightness Adjustment.

- Apr 11, 2018-

The brightness sensor composed of resin optical filter and silicon phototransistor, using self research and development of resin laminated optical filter, can achieve similar to human visual sensitivity spectral sensitivity characteristics, reduce the false action, make the operation more precise control.

At present, the widely used brightness sensor adopts the "CdS" material, namely, the cadmium sulfide photosensitive resistance is welded to the circuit board. The silicon photoelectric transistor part of sg-pt3548b USES the environmental protection material, Si(silicon), which is the ideal substitute product for the traditional photosensitive resistance sensor (corresponding to Rohs).

In addition, the product is the pin top visual packaging, and the appearance of the replacement of the CdS photosensitive resistance.

Sg-pt3548b has the characteristics of spectral sensitivity similar to the human visual perception, and is the best substitute product for CdS photosensitive resistance.

Sg-pt3548b has the following main features:

1. Similar to human visual perception.

2. Pin encapsulation

3. Top encapsulation

4. The phototransistor is made of environmentally friendly materials - silicon.

5. Support for lead-free standards.

The main purpose

The photoelectric switch control of lighting equipment, street lamps, clocks and toys, etc., replaces the CdS photosensitive resistance.

The light current is larger than the photodiode.