UVC LEDs Are Used In Space, And US Companies Will Participate In 10 Aerospace Projects

- Sep 11, 2019-

According to reports, AquiSense Technologies, a US UV LED disinfection technology company, announced that it will participate in 10 aerospace projects.

In 2015, AquiSense was selected to participate in BIOWYSE, a project of the Vision 2020 program to design and test water monitoring and processing systems for the next generation of manned space stations. Since then, several other aerospace projects have been looking for AquiSense's water treatment technology.

These projects include product design and hardware for private space companies such as Bigelow Aerospace, Thales Alenia Space Italia, KBR Wyle and Aero Sekur, as well as several NASA groups including the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Johnson Space Center ( Johnson Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center.

These projects include keeping the growth system clean in space greenhouses, reducing the maintenance burden of biofilm formation in closed environments, and disinfecting astronauts drinking water on the International Space Station.

AquiSense product development scientist Rich Simons said, "These types of applications are exciting for us because they drive innovation in our technology and enable us to better understand the possibilities and limitations of UV-C LED disinfection. ".

According to the latest "2019 Deep UV LED Application Market Report - Sterilization, Purification and Water Treatment Market" released by TrendForce LED Research (LEDinside), we are looking forward to the application market demand. In addition to the stable growth of the curing market, surface/air sterilization and static water Sterilization and mobile water sterilization are the main growth kinetic energy in the future. It is estimated that the output value of the UV LED market will reach 991 million US dollars in 2023.