UV LED Applications Are Getting More And More Attention, Longda Launches New Liquid Sterilization Products

- Jan 19, 2020-

UV LEDs have been increasingly used in sterilization and water purification, and are expected to accelerate their entry into the consumer market. Londa recently launched a new sterilization curing product, emphasizing its suitability for liquid sterilization applications such as portable kettles.

In November last year, the National Health Foundation (NSF International) included UV LED technology in drinking water treatment standards, provided new standards for the use of UV LED technology to reduce microorganisms, and provided new testing methods. UV LED is used in sterilization and clean Water is getting more and more attention, and it is expected to become more popular and accelerate its entry into the consumer market.

The PU35CM2 package product recently launched by Londa, through a special optical lens design, can focus energy at a small luminous angle and improve sterilization efficiency. Small and medium power below 15mW is very suitable for liquid sterilization applications such as portable kettles. In addition, the PU88S31 packaged product released last year is suitable for disinfecting solid daily necessities such as tableware, toothbrush boxes, pacifiers, and contact lenses. In addition to sterilization applications, UV with different wavelengths can also be used for curing. Lunda Electronics' PU21 and PU88 series have been shipped in large quantities and used in consumer markets such as nail art and industrial applications such as printing presses. Top 5 American Nail Phototherapy Machine Brands.