UV Disinfection Robot Appeared In American Airport, Amazon Made UV Disinfection Robot

- May 21, 2020-

As the popularity of UV disinfection products continues to increase, UV disinfection robots are also becoming more and more popular. Recently, according to foreign media reports, the US Pittsburgh International Airport (Pittsburgh International Airport) uses a UV disinfection robot, and Amazon has also designed a UV disinfection robot, which can be used in warehouses and whole food supermarkets (Whole Foods) and other places for disinfection.

U.S. Pittsburgh International Airport uses UV disinfection robots

Reports show that Pittsburgh International Airport became the first airport in the United States to use automatic robots with ultraviolet technology for surface disinfection to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses.

The disinfection robot first uses a scrubber to clean the heavy traffic area, and then uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect the surface. Airport administrators said they will soon use ultraviolet disinfection technology in escalators, handrails, elevator buttons and other areas that are often in contact.

It is reported that this UV disinfection robot was developed by Carnegie Robotics, a local American company, and is currently being tested in the terminal. It will soon become one of the daily cleaning procedures.

Amazon's self-made UV disinfection robot is being tested

It is also reported that Amazon has created a robot that can use ultraviolet light to kill new coronaviruses.

The disinfection robot is a bit like a hotel luggage cart, with a high metal frame mounted on a wheeled rectangular base. At least 10 UV lamps are equipped on one side of the frame, which can be used in warehouses and whole food supermarkets. Disinfect the handles and other surfaces.

CBS "60 Minutes" shared a video showing that the disinfection machine traveled along the freezing aisle of the U.S. Whole Foods Supermarket and directed the refrigerator door to emit ultraviolet rays for disinfection.

An Amazon spokesperson said that the Amazon robot research and development team has been designing and testing ultraviolet robots. Although this robot has not yet been used in any Amazon or Whole Foods supermarket stores, the company is very optimistic about its application prospects and will continue to innovate. (Compilation: LEDinside Janice)