US HexaTech Launches 2-inch UVC Transparent Single Crystal AIN Substrate Product Line

- Apr 25, 2020-

According to foreign media reports, the US AlN single crystal substrate supplier announced the launch of a 2-inch (diameter) UVC transparent single crystal AIN (aluminum nitride) substrate production line, designed to directly support and promote the commercial production of high-performance UVC LEDs.

It is understood that HexaTech has been acquired by Japanese automotive LED and red ultraviolet LED expert Stanley Electric. It mainly produces single crystal AIN substrates for the development of deep ultraviolet LEDs, deep ultraviolet lasers, RF devices and other products, respectively for disinfection and sterilization, biological threats Testing, satellite communication and other different application places. In 2019, HexaTech announced its ability to produce 2-inch defect-free AIN substrates.

HexaTech said that the introduction of this 2-inch UVC substrate will change the game rules for UVC LED applications. At present, the company's customers currently have a solution that can produce deep ultraviolet LEDs with a wavelength of 265nm, and its performance has been proven to exceed any 265nm product based on sapphire substrates.

Since this year, in order to jointly defend against the new coronavirus epidemic, all parties in the world have actively invested in the development of UV-related technologies and products. For example, yesterday's LEDinside report showed that researchers at Wuhan University have developed a method for growing high-quality AIN thin films on sapphire substrates, which is simpler and lower in cost, and has great potential in promoting the commercialization of AlGaN-based UVC LEDs.

Recently, the development achievements of Stanley, which acquired HexaTech, in high-power UVC LEDs have also received great attention in the areas of public health and disinfection. Its AIN-based UVC LED technology enables Stanley to develop ultra-high power applications. The company's products include semiconductor substrates, chips, UV LED packages, UV LED light source modules, UV LED light source modules, and UV LED water sterilization reactors.

According to previous interviews by LEDinside, as of now, Stanley has released 2L / min, 10L / min, and 100L / min products for water sterilization applications, which can achieve 99.99% sterilization results. (Compiled by LEDinside Janice)