UFO Design IP65 150W 175X3w LED Plant Grow Light UV IR LED Full Spectrum

- Jul 18, 2018-

Basic Info

Warranty: 3 Years

Housing Material: Aluminum

Life: 50000h


Certification: CE, UL

Voltage: AC100-240V

Power Factor: >0.90

Weight: 3.5kg

Color: White/Black Green/Blue

Life Time: >50000h

Size: D320*180mm

Material: Aluminum+Toughened Glass

Lighting Area: 1.5 Square Meter

Lumen: 10000lm


Trademark: Glebe

Transport Package: Standard Package

Specification: CE, RoHS

Origin: Dongguan, China

HS Code: 9405409000

Product Description

ufo design 150W 175x3w led plant grow light UV IR LED full spectrum

Power Consumption150W
Temperature-20~40 °C
Storage condition-35~80 °C
Work frequency50/60Hz
Lighting time per day12-18 Hours
Height above the Plant0.3M/0.6M/0.9M/1.2M
IP RatingIP65
Wavelength Angle of ledsOrchid 120°
Life time50,000hours
Input current1.7A~0.57A
Lighting Area0.8m2/0.6m
Packing Dimension380X380X240mm/pcs inner
400x400x510mm/2pcs outer

Before You Buy
Now that you know why having the best LED grow lights is the most effective way of growing plants indoors, it is important to know what exactly you should be looking for in a model before purchasing it. Even though LED grow lights overall consume less power, provide more useful light, and give off less heat, there are still poor models that wouldn't give you everything that you are looking for in a set up. By taking a look at a few things, though, you'll be capable of having the best harvests ever and making sure you are saving money and able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. And make sure you read our LED grow light reviews below to see what products are at the top in 2017.
Our advantages
1.Bring you high yield
Traditional 0.5 - 0.8(g/w)       LED Grow Light 1 - 1.5(g/w)
The traditional indoor lights such as HID and Fluorescent can just bring you 0.5 -0.8 gram per watt, no more than 1 gram. But the led grow light can bring you 1 -1.5 gram per watt. It's amazing! So as for the energy conservation and environmental protection light source, the planters will consider the led grow light as their first choice.
2.Less heat
HPS usually creates more heat, which should be well-ventilated during the working process, so you would need use the fan to solve this problem in summer. Led creates less heat and it only brings 4oC -7oC rise, so the excess heat and water can be removed. The electric energy can be efficiently transformed into the effective photosynthesis, which can supply the intensity of illumination and save the energy as well.
3.Low cost on everything
Led grow light needs less electricity than HID and Fluorescent for indoor growth. It can save about 60% of the electric energy. You do not need to be worried about your bill!
Plants will use far less water by using the led grow light. No need for you to worry about your electricity and water bill. You will get more with the lowest cost.
Led grow light requires no ballast. You just need to plug it into the wall directly, which is so easy and convenient to operate.
Led grow light requires no reflector. It has Led lens which give out full energy of led lights.
Led grow light requires no replacement costs for accessories No need for you to replace the bulbs, because leds have long life span (nearly 10 years).
If you are not completely satisfied with our LED Grow Light, we accept money back guarantee. You may return it with original packaging within 90 days. Risk free!
What You Should Know About Light Wavelengths
The LED grow lights that you use inside of your grow will have to feed your plants the light that they need. You see, in the natural world they would be receiving sunlight that that features light from the entire range of light wavelengths. This ranges from Ultraviolet light, that humans can't see, to infrared, which is also invisible to humans. In between, there is violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Depending on the kind of growing and the cycle you are in, different portions of the spectrum will be important to you.

What Are Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights?
Plants growing in the great outdoors have a number of benefits over plants that are grown inside. Primarily, they have the benefit of sunlight that offers the entire spectrum of visible light. In order to be able to provide your plants with everything they need, including light for both vegetative and flowering growth, you will need a full spectrum LED grow light.
HPS and fluorescent grow lamps have been used for many years when it comes to indoor growing. Many people still swear by them. There is a great advantage to having the very powerful light that they produce, which includes rays from all over the spectrum, although that comes at a cost. In exchange, people have turned to LED lighting, but many neglect to still make use of the full spectrum that is necessary for growing plants through a natural life cycle.
Many people make the mistake of only using one kind of LED grow light. That simply can't provide your plants with what they need for both stages of growth. A full spectrum LED grow light, in comparison, will provide a wide range of blue, red, white, and ultraviolet light.
There is a lot that goes into full spectrum LED grow lights, including different ratios of the different colors that your plants need, but we will look at that next. Understanding what each kind of LED has to offer will allow you to truly take charge of your grow and ensure you have better results than ever.

Tell you the truth at the end
Truth 1
Some famous Led sellers announced that they are USA OEM, which is clearly a lie. 90% of led grow lights are made in China, even though you don't want to believe, but it is true. They stock larger amount of led lights from Chinese factory, then sell them online by sticking with their own logo. So don't be fooled by the so-called US OEM.
Truth 2
Some famous led sellers exaggerated the function of Led grow lights. We just want to inform you that if you did not change the traditional growing method, you would not get the high yield. Because the led grow light can not play the full role during the traditional growing method. So communicating with growers who have experienced this then you can try it yourself. Please remember that the growing method is the key point for the high yield.
Truth 3
Do not buy cheap led grow lights any more or some which looks like our lights. The lamp will be put on the market to be designed and tested, and this period is at least six-months or more, what are the details what you won't see. Furthermore, the materials we use are not cheap, such as "Cree" chip and Led Lens. Those two parts can be able to ensure the high output. So do not believe that such $xx.99 can buy led grow lights. It's unbelievable.