The Advantages Of UVLED Inkjet Printing, Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

- Dec 20, 2018-

In the past, ultraviolet light sources used in the printing industry generally used light sources such as high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halide lamps. Due to the large size of lamps and power supply devices, users were worried about the large power consumption and large heat generation, which caused damage and use of printing presses and substrates. Problems such as ozone are generated in the process. With the advent of UV light curing technology, due to its environmentally friendly characteristics, environmental pollution is relatively small compared to solvent type, and the operating cost is equivalent to or even lower than that of solvent type, so it is receiving more and more attention. The survey results show that the market share of UVled flatbed printers has rapidly reached 11.7%, while the market share of solvent-based wide-format inkjet printers has dropped to 33.6%.

    UV light curing technology is a new technology in the green industry. It has been rated as "5E" by the North American Radiation Curing Committee. It fully demonstrates the characteristics of this technology, namely high efficiency, energy saving, environmental friendliness and economy. Wide adaptability. At present, the commonly used UV curing lamps on the market are also mercury arc lamps, which are referred to as mercury lamps. The life of UV mercury lamps is limited, and the energy consumption is large but the energy used effectively is not high. In addition, although the UV mercury lamps are relative to Solvent-based inks are environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly due to the absence of VOC emissions. However, UV mercury lamps also have some hidden pollution. For example, it is easy to produce ozone, which has a great impact on health.

    In 2008, the first time that LED curing technology was unveiled at Drupa, it attracted widespread attention in the industry. Many printers and ink manufacturers showed their own technology. LED curing is one of the most attractive technologies in the field of energy curing. It is characterized by its energy-saving, high-efficiency, economical, environmentally-friendly, adaptable UV advantages, cold light source without infrared radiation, and ozone-free emission. Favored by people. At present, the market demand for LED UV technology is very strong, digital printing has become the largest market for this technology, among which the innovation in inkjet field is the most, and the advantage of UV led just meets the needs of this field.