Strengthen The Layout Of LED Chip Business, Nationstar Increased Its Capital By 220 Million Yuan In Nationstar Semiconductor

- Mar 11, 2021-

On the 5th, National Star Optoelectronics announced that it plans to increase the capital of National Star Semiconductor with 220 million yuan to further optimize the upstream chip product structure.

According to the announcement, the seventh meeting of the fifth board of directors of NationStar held on March 4 reviewed and approved the "Proposal on Increasing Capital to Wholly Owned Subsidiaries". The company intends to increase the capital of NationStar Semiconductor with its own capital of 220 million yuan. It aims to meet the needs of National Star Semiconductor to increase production capacity and optimize product structure. After the completion of this capital increase, the registered capital of National Star Semiconductor increased from 600 million yuan to 820 million yuan.

The main business of NationStar Semiconductor is R&D, production and sales of LED chips based on sapphire gallium nitride and silicon substrates. GaN-based products include blue and green display chips, digital chips, white light lighting chips, high-power flip chips for car lights, UVA violet chips, etc. In addition to LED epitaxial wafers and chips, the main products of NationStar Semiconductor also include LED devices, LED light sources and lighting products.

At present, National Star Semiconductor’s MiniLED chips have mass production capabilities, have passed customer verification specifications, can supply direct display and backlight products, and have achieved small batch shipments.

In terms of UV chips, NationStar Semiconductor mainly has dedicated chips for industrial curing, nail art, mosquito traps, photocatalyst air purification, sterilization and disinfection. In 2020, NationStar Semiconductor launched four series of UVA and UVC LED chips for the curing market, air purification market, sterilization market and health lighting market.

NationStar stated that the capital increase this time is mainly used for NationStar Semiconductor to implement technological transformation projects. Specific applications include purchasing related equipment, raw materials, and supplementing working capital. The purpose of the capital increase of National Star Semiconductor is to promote the company’s LED upstream chip business development, help further optimize the upstream chip product structure, enhance business profitability, deepen the synergy effect of the industry chain, and improve the company’s comprehensive competitiveness and anti-risk ability. To an important role.

In recent years, many large companies in the industry have actively used the upstream and downstream integration of the industrial chain to master key resources and consolidate and strengthen their market positions. Nationstar Semiconductor is an important support for Nationstar to achieve vertical integration of upstream and downstream development. The capital increase of Nationstar Semiconductor this time shows that Nationstar attaches great importance to the reserve of third-generation semiconductor technology and is further strengthening its upstream business layout.