South Korea's PEC 275nm UVC LED Can Inactivate 99.9% Of The New Coronavirus

- Dec 30, 2020-

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) not only affects individual families, but also affects the stability of the entire society. People are at risk of contracting the new coronavirus in the things that people come into contact with in their daily lives, the space they are in, and their basic diet. Recently, the South Korean company POINT ENGINEERING relied on South Korea’s Chonbuk University Research Institute to conduct new coronavirus experiments. The results showed that the company’s 275nm deep ultraviolet LED lamp beads have 99.9% sterilization ability. In particular, its 9090 size and 250mW light power product can achieve 99.9% sterilization effect in just 2 seconds, which is helpful for enterprises to develop products with short-term sterilization requirements.

According to the data, POINT ENGINEERING started to produce metal aluminum substrates with outstanding performance in the ultraviolet field in 2010, and has entered the deep ultraviolet LED field so far, and has developed UVC LED lamp beads with diversified light power up to 3.5mW~1100mW.

POINT ENGINEERING has a rich product line up to 3mW~1100mW in the deep ultraviolet range, which is suitable for general consumer, maternal and infant, medical, industrial and other broad fields. In order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, the company cooperates with global companies to develop sterilization products, and strive to bring better products to the market.

POINT ENGINEERING has its own sterilization laboratory, which mainly corresponds to three areas: surface sterilization, water sterilization, and air sterilization. The accumulated sterilization experiment data can help customers provide sterilization solutions and reduce product development cycles.

POINT ENGINEERING stated that many experts predict that viruses that are more dangerous and more contagious than the new coronavirus will continue to emerge in the future, and recommend companies to prepare accordingly. In the future, the sterilization market and customer demand centered on UVC LEDs are expected to continue to grow.