Several Small Tricks To Prevent LED Aging

- Jan 18, 2019-

In general, especially for high-power LEDs, the luminosity will be attenuated in the initial lighting stage. In order to provide stable products for the application manufacturers, or for the LED manufacturers, in order to obtain stable LED materials, Will do some aging tests. Of course, LED aging tests can be performed in a variety of ways, such as conventional aging, overcurrent shock destructive tests, and the like.

Aging should be a very important process in the test process, but in many enterprises, it is often neglected and cannot perform correct and effective aging. The analysis of all parameters including brightness, wavelength and other LEDs will be uncertain. . Over-current impact aging is also an aging method often used by manufacturers. It is usually used for constant-current sources with adjustable frequency, adjustable current and adjustable duty cycle. It is expected to judge the quality and expectations of LEDs in a short time. life.

It is common in life lighting. It can be seen in various outdoor shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. In indoors, it can be said that almost all home lighting will use LED light strips. On the one hand, it is an indirect lighting method, on the other hand, it is Very good decorative effect, creating an environment. However, we can find that LED lights sometimes have uneven illumination and dim. What is the situation? How to solve it?

The LED light strip is mainly installed in the light trough to create a large-area luminous ceiling and wall surface. The effect of the wall washing is precisely because of its large illumination range, so if there is a problem, it will affect a wide range of light and shadow effects. When choosing LED strips, we must carefully polish our eyes and carefully select them.

A good quality LED lamp bead, the brightness between the lamp bead and the lamp bead is uniform, the illumination is uniform, and the brightness of the first and last tails of the lamp is also consistent. The light color of the light strip should also be the same. Use white paper to stick to the light-emitting surface of the light, and observe the eye directly. In order to have a uniform lighting effect, it is necessary to choose a good color rendering when purchasing. The color rendering index Ra>80 is a requirement that a professional LED light strip must meet.

How to effectively prevent product aging

We often have such problems when applying LEDs. LED soldering works normally at the beginning of the product, but after a period of lighting, there will be dark light, flashing, malfunction, intermittent light, etc. Bring serious damage. The reasons for this phenomenon are:

1. When applying the product, there are problems with the welding process. For example, the welding temperature is too high, the welding time is too long, and the antistatic work is not done. More than 95% of these problems are caused by the packaging process.

2. The quality of the LED itself or the manufacturing process.