Seoul Viosys Develops A New Application Of UV LED Technology That Can Kill Viruses In 10 Minutes

- Mar 05, 2021-

Seoul Viosys announced the development of a portable surface disinfection equipment "Photon Stand" as a new application of Violeds UVC LED technology.

Photon Stand surface disinfection equipment is designed to disinfect areas where COVID-19 occurs, such as wards contaminated by infected patients, or other places such as schools and children's daycare centers, which can kill more than 90% of viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes.

Seoul Viosys will simultaneously promote Photon Stand surface disinfection equipment and Violeds UVC LED technology for OEM manufacturing to medical device manufacturers in the global market.

Photon Stand surface disinfection equipment is the latest application of Violeds technology. This technology is Seoul Viosys’ patented UVC LED photonic solution. It has been proven to kill a variety of bacteria and viruses. The results of research on disinfection of a coronavirus.

The Seoul Viosys research team confirmed that for a 29.02 square meter room, Photon Stand can eliminate 90% of viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes, and the disinfection and sterilization rate in a 13.84 square meter room is as high as 99%.

An executive from Viosys in Seoul said: “The cost of running Photon Stand disinfection equipment in an area of 15 square meters is less than 10 cents, which is only 2% of the chemical treatment cost (US$4) required to disinfect the same area. 15 Square meter is the area of the negative pressure (isolation) room for infected patients. (The cost is calculated based on Violeds’ 50,000-hour service life simulation.)

The Violeds UVC LED module used by Photon Stand costs less than US$500, which means that the cost of Violeds disinfection equipment for large areas is only 10% of the cost of a mercury UV lamp system. Therefore, Photon Stand can greatly reduce the cost of disinfection equipment. "

The portable Photon Stand can disinfect a standard ward in 10 minutes. (A custom design with shorter disinfection time is also available.) The Photon Stand is easy to move and can efficiently disinfect various areas without additional costs or specialized personnel to remove and clean chemicals.

An executive from Seoul Viosys said: “If the chemical disinfectant used to disinfect the isolation area of multi-purpose facilities is improperly used or the residue is not properly removed after disinfection, it may cause human death, or cause dermatitis and breathing difficulties. But with Unlike chemical disinfectants, ultraviolet rays do not leave any residue, but disappear without a trace. Therefore, it is suitable for various medical and multi-purpose facilities."

Seoul Viosys confirmed that the Violeds technology passed the test of KR Biotech, a South Korean research institution, and can kill 99.437% of SARS-CoV-2 viruses within 1 second, and the design can be modified to shorten the disinfection time. KR Biotech is a research institution specializing in coronavirus disinfection testing.