Samsung Display's Latest AMOLED Flexible Touch Integration Technology Exposed

- Jan 25, 2020-

Samsung Display has begun to ensure the core technology of the "Touch Integrated Flexible Display". With the rise of high-end mobile phones with flexible displays, more effective technologies will be developed to enhance market competitiveness.

According to industry insiders on January 14, Samsung Display recently filed a patent application for a "flexible touch screen (TSP) integrated display" with the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Compared to existing touch-integrated products, this patent enables thinner thickness and bending characteristics.

Samsung Display pointed out that if TSP is manufactured separately and attached to the display, the overall thickness will increase, which may reduce the visibility and flexibility of the image. He also added that demand for flexible displays is growing, but this runs counter to this trend.

Samsung Display recommends using a dual flexible display substrate or a double-film transparent substrate to implement the technology. The touch sensing pattern and pixels are formed of a transparent electrode material between two substrates. The principle is that after the pixels are implemented on the base substrate, a touch pattern is realized with a transparent electrode substance such as an indium oxide electrode (ITO) on the upper layer to make it transparent. In order to reduce the thickness of the display screen, this method using an organic light emitting diode (OLED) is proposed.

Samsung believes that if the technology is implemented, the touch-sensitive pattern formed between the two substrates will further increase the adhesion between the substrates. In addition, since the structure is simpler than the existing touch-integrated display screen, it is desirable that the overall thickness of the display screen is thinner and flexibility can be increased.

The patent appears to target various global smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics and its core customer, Apple. Recently, advanced smartphones equipped with flexible displays, including Samsung GalaxyFold, have been launched one after another, requiring integrated products with both touch functions and clear screens. The technology is expected to reduce the overall thickness of foldable phones.

Samsung Display stated in the patent application: "This technology is not only applicable to the current integration method, but also to other methods of TSP." We can provide not only thin-thickness technology, but also flexible display integrated with TSP.