Osram's Fluence Supplies Canadian Companies With Broad-spectrum LED Equipment

- Feb 08, 2020-

Recently, Canadian family company James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) announced that it has entered into a cooperation product test and evaluation agreement with Osram's plant lighting company Fluence Bioengineering to provide performance, functionality and applicability of Fluence VYPR 2p wide-spectrum LED lighting solutions Feedback.

Under the agreement, JWC will conduct an eight-month analysis to assess whether JWC can further improve its energy efficiency level by using lighting equipment provided by Fluence, helping it optimize the cultivation performance of the JWC2 flagship plant in Ontario, Canada.

Throughout the agreement, Fluence will visit JWC to assist JWC in data collection, training on best practices for growing plants using LED lighting solutions, and providing advice on climate parameters to promote optimal plant growth. JWC will provide data analysis for Fluence, which is about the cultivation performance of flower rooms using Fluence lighting solutions.

JWC said that if the ultimate goal can be achieved, the company will be able to reduce production costs and increase the yield of each plant. If the project can successfully meet the standards stipulated in the agreement, JWC intends to expand cooperation with Fluence by purchasing certain equipment from Fluence. (Compiled: LEDinside Janice)