New LED Lights With A Magnifying Glass, Visible In Dim Light

- Oct 31, 2019-

Kenko Tokina has launched a series of LED light hand-held magnifiers that can be seen even in dimly lit areas. The price is open and there are 3 different magnification models. The valuation price of "KTL-404" is 1,130 yen, the price of "KTL-405" is 1,250 yen, and the price of "KTL-406" is 1,380 yen (both tax-free).

According to the most expensive one, the equivalent of RMB is about 80 yuan. Compared with the ordinary magnifying glass, it is really expensive. What functions are there?

Even in dim areas, you can see objects in the magnifying glass with built-in LEDs. It has five built-in LED lights that can illuminate two at the same time.

It is reported that "KTL-404" and "KTL-405" are three magnifications in a magnifying glass, and "KTL-406" is four magnifications. The lens magnification is 2.5 times / 8.5 times / 16 times, 2.5 times / 8.5 times / 16 times, 1.5 times / 4.5 times / 8.5 times / 16 times.

The body size of the "KTL-404" is 195 x 75 x 30 mm (width x depth x height). The weight is 105g.

The lenses of "KTL-404" and "KTL-405" are made of glass and the rest are acrylic. The lens materials of "KTL-406" are all acrylic resins. Each power supply is LR1130×4.