Ming Wei Launches ELGC-300-DA Series 300W LED Driver Power Supply

- Oct 31, 2019-

Mingwei's outdoor lighting application products, ELGC-300-DA version of the model, in line with DALI 2 dimming function LED power driver, can be used with smart light control interface, increase the added value of the lamps and provide customers with more application options.

In appearance, ELGC-300 continues the ELG series of products with long iron shell design, which can be used with various lighting products. The latest Constant Power Mode design is also used in the design of the circuit, making it easier for users to adjust the required drive current, increase design convenience and reduce the overall number of models, making it easy to plan the overall inventory. In addition, ELGC-300 series also provides a variety of dimming functions, such as three-in-one dimming / DALI 2 / Timer / Programmable function, in line with the latest IEC61347 / UL8750 and GB7000.1 design requirements, output and dimming isolation design, Improve the safety of the use of lamps.

The main features of the ELGC-300 series are full-voltage input wide range design AC 100~305V input and three output voltages for constant power use. In addition to constant power constant current design, this product has an efficiency of 94.5%. Designed for lightning protection up to 6KV (L/N-FG) / 4KV (L-N) and a wide range of operating ring temperatures, suitable for use with a variety of lamps.