Lunda And Aix Optoelectronics Signed A Technology License, Which Is Expected To Break Through The Bottleneck Of The Mass Transfer Of Micro LED

- Oct 12, 2020-

Recently, Lextar and X Display Company (hereinafter referred to as XDC), a Micro LED manufacturer in the United States, signed a technology licensing and foundry contract. The two parties will collaborate on development and accelerate the timetable for mass production. After the joint venture between Jingdian and Leyard, Lijing Microelectronics, this camp has another major milestone in Micro LED, and it is expected to successfully break through the bottleneck segment of the massive transfer.

On the 6th, Lunda and X Display Company (XDC), an American Micro LED company, both announced that they will conduct in-depth technical cooperation. Lunda will obtain XDC's technology authorization, and develop Micro LEDs for XDC in collaboration with XDC. Chip-to-module products. Lunda will obtain XDC technology authorization, and also provide XDC professional production services, and cooperate with XDC to develop MicroLED die-to-module products, in order to continue to maintain its leading position in the MicroLED field.

Huang Zhaonian, deputy general manager of the Lunda Technology Center, said that the technical cooperation with X Display will enable the two parties to move forward on the road of MicroLED mass production. Lunda has worked in MicroLED technology research and development for many years and has deep experience in the display field. Later, they will jointly accelerate the commercialization of MicroLED, and continue to shine through the one-stop advantage in the field of next-generation display technology.

In recent years, Lunda has invested in R&D, equipment and talents in LED miniaturization projects, from die, packaging, testing, modules, circuit drivers to systems, one-stop integration, and close cooperation with XDC and other advanced partners.

XDC is the pioneer of MicroLED mass transfer technology and has established more than 400 broad and basic patent portfolios. XDC utilizes the mass transfer technology of the elastomer PDMS transfer head and is considered by the industry to be the best solution for mass production of MicroLED displays. In the future, it will be applied to TVs, billboards, desktop displays, laptops and smartphone screens .

Matthew Meitl, co-founder and vice president of XDC, said that Lunda is an innovative and dynamic LED company with extensive experience in the display industry and is committed to jointly developing the most forward-looking Micro LED products in the future.

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