LED Plant Factory Helps, Lianyungang Produces Stable Supply Of Off-season Vegetables

- Mar 30, 2021-

Since the beginning of spring, the majority of peasant friends have grasped the spring plowing and management during the agricultural season, and made every effort to develop agricultural production to ensure the "rice bag" and "vegetable basket". However, in mid-March each year, it is the season when winter and spring vegetables and summer and autumn vegetables are stubborn, and vegetable output will decrease and enter the off-season.

In the past few days, a large number of vegetables have been harvested from many vegetable planting bases in Lianyungang. In order to ensure a stable supply of vegetables, various localities have planned to market the facility vegetables in batches at different peaks.

In the artificial light plant factory of the hydroponic lettuce production base in the Smart Agriculture Demonstration Park of Donghai County, the light is bright and the green lettuce is staggered on the cultivating racks. They are stretched out on the "floating board". Leaves.

Under the illumination of the LED artificial cold light source, the production leaf veins are clear and bright. Some have just divided the seedlings, giving birth to a few inches of lush, light green leaves; some have been planted, and the leaves are blooming vigorously.

In the artificial light plant factory, there are not only butter lettuce with bright green leaves, but also purple oak leaf lettuce with warm red leaves. The staff walked among the cultivation racks and carefully checked the growth of the lettuce. The whole factory is full of greenery and vibrant.

It is reported that the plant factory adopts floor-standing deep-liquid floating cultivation technology, through artificial strict regulation of nutrient solution, light, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration, etc., to fundamentally eliminate outdoor environmental pollution, and the lettuce produced can be ecological and pollution-free. At the same time, the greenhouse adopts circulating water circulation technology to realize green production, high-quality production, and large-scale production in all aspects.

According to reports, since the plant factory was put into use in June 2019, it has achieved uninterrupted production throughout the year. Using artificial light and natural light plant factories to grow lettuce not only saves energy, but also achieves stable yields, and continuously delivers fresh and high-quality vegetables to the market.