LED Penetration Rate Increases Again! Street Lights In Many Places Across The Country Ushered In A Tide Of Dressing

- Jan 01, 2021-

Replaced 1805 LED energy-saving lamps in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province

On December 10, the urban area of Pujiang County started the replacement of LED energy-saving lighting lamps, and the number of street lamps replaced was 1,805. The new LED light source replaced this time solves the shortcomings of traditional street lights, such as short life, low light efficiency, and high power consumption, and provides protection for people's night travel and traffic safety.

Replacement of high-efficiency energy-saving LED street lights in Haining City, Zhejiang Province

Recently, the smart street lights on county roads and above in Haining City have completed the single-frame reconstruction of 5 routes and put them into use. The project adopts high-efficiency, high-energy-saving LED street lamp products, establishes a smart street lamp management information platform, and installs single lamp control equipment to monitor the working conditions of each street lamp in real time.

It is expected that by the end of December, the transformation of more than 11,000 smart street lights on the remaining 22 county roads and above roads in the city will be completed. After the renovation, the road illuminance increased by 71%, the energy consumption was reduced by 41%, and the annual electricity bill was saved by more than 4.6 million yuan.

New LED lamps for road lighting in Luliang City, Shanxi Province

On December 10, the relevant departments of Luliang City carried out energy-saving renovations on the sodium lamps in Fengshan Road. It is understood that the renovation will be replaced with new LED lamps, which have better stability, comfort, lighting quality, service life and power-saving effects. While decorating the city’s night, it can also effectively solve the difficulty of night travel for citizens. Security risks.

Tianjin starts the renovation of street lights in the community and will replace energy-saving and high-efficiency LED lights

Recently, Tianjin Street Light Management Office started the renovation of street lights in the community. The renovation involved 13,770 street lights in 781 communities in the city. The transformed street lamp is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can monitor the running status of the street lamp in the monitoring background and accurately control the brightness of the street lamp.

At present, the original 30 high-energy-consuming mercury light source street lamps in the cultural village of Nanyingmen Street, Heping District, have all been replaced with energy-saving and efficient LED lamps.

12475 street lamps in Bohai New District, Hebei Province completed energy-saving intelligent transformation

Recently, the road lighting energy-saving smart renovation project in Bohai New District, Cangzhou City was completed. The project lasted for 2 years. All 12,475 high-energy-consuming high-pressure sodium lamps have been replaced with smart LED street lamps, which can save more than 19.41 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and 1288 electricity costs each year. More than 10,000 yuan, saving more than 5970 tons of standard coal.

129 old street lights in Fangcheng District, Guangxi Province carry out LED energy-saving renovation work

On December 1, the Urban Management and Supervision Bureau of Fangchenggang City carried out LED energy-saving renovation work on the 129 old street lights on Pearl Avenue, Fangcheng District. At present, 71 street lights have been removed and 26 have been newly installed. It is estimated that 80,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity for street lights can be saved annually after the renovation is completed.

Replacement of energy-saving LED street lights in Xinfeng County, Jiangxi Province

Recently, more than 340 old street lamps are being renovated in Yingbin Road in Xinfeng County, and energy-saving LED lamp holders are replaced uniformly. After the completion of the project, the annual electricity saving can reach about 257,000 degrees, which is 35% more effective than old street lamps.

At the same time, the energy-saving renovation of street lights in small streets and alleys in Xinfeng County is in progress. About 630 small streets and alley lights have been replaced, increasing the power saving rate by about 20%.

Replacement of LED street lights on 132 roads in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province

In March of this year, Jiujiang City officially implemented the LED street lamp renovation project, replacing the traditional old lamps on the roads of the city. A total of 132 street lamps were renovated, and nearly 16,000 street lamp facilities and landscape lamps in Hezhong Square were upgraded.

Replacement of 53 LED street lights in Jinshan Community, Fujian Province

This year, Jinshan Community, Haibin Street, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province implemented a low-carbon energy transformation and upgrading project. At present, the first phase of the community LED street light transformation project has been completed, and a total of 53 public street lights have been replaced. At present, energy-saving lamps are fully used in community offices to achieve the goal of saving 15% of public electricity consumption.