LED Infrared Receiving Head Performance Detection Method

- May 30, 2019-

The method of determining the infrared emission control is to use an infrared emission tube. Infrared ordinary circular tubes are similar in shape to light-emitting diodes. The initial contact with the infrared tube is difficult to distinguish between the infrared emission tube and the infrared receiving tube.

1. LED infrared receiving head is measured by measuring instrument

Find three tables to measure 500 or other models with three pointers to the Rxlk power module, and measure the infrared emitter between the resistance tubes to determine the infrared tube.

Standard A: Exchange causes infrared measurement in the tube without exposure to light, positive resistance to the infrared emitter, reverse resistance, and a black pen to the positive (long needle), the resistance is small (1k-20K) is a launch tube. To receive both positive and negative resistance is a large infrared tube.

Standard B: When the black pen is connected to the negative (short pin), the resistance of the large launch tube, the resistance and the time change of the light intensity in the pointer of the small watch 3, the receiving tube pointer swings.


(1) The black pen is connected to the positive electrode, and then the negative resistance is measured with a red pen.

(2) Refers to the resistance of the big table has three basic pointers do not move.

2. LED infrared receiving head discriminating power test method

Band and a light-emitting diode - only in the tube and measure the series resistance as shown. The figure resistor takes a 220-510 European role from the current limiting resistor in Europe. The LED light-emitting diode is used to display the measured operating state of the infrared transmitting tube. Use the remote control (TV remote control, etc.) to press the test tube on any button on the remote control, LED light, and the test tube is an infrared receiver. This is not a bright infrared launch.

The LED IR receiver's test of operating voltage and current can determine how well their work is easy. The operating voltage measured across the tube, static (ie when no key is pressed), is usually zero, while dynamic (ie when the button is pressed) will jump to a smaller voltage value due to the coding of different remote control system structures And the power supply voltage, the working method of the drive circuit, the voltage value is usually 0.07~0.4V, and the pen should tremble slightly. When measured with a digital multimeter, the measured value is generally higher than the measured analog multimeter, typically between 0.1 and 0.8V. If there is static and dynamic smoothness during shaking, static and dynamic tremors are not sloshing in static and dynamic low, static and dynamic voltage and voltage are not significantly different, so it can be judged that abnormal infrared LEDs work if the driver amplifier It is normal, mainly infrared radiation damage.

The infrared emission should be kept clean and in good condition. The front part of the beam, especially the spherical part, is not dirty, such as dirt, but it is not damaged by friction. Otherwise, it will die from the reflection and scattering of infrared light. Light propagation has a direct impact, light can reduce the sensitivity of the remote control, reduce the control distance, the weight may have failed, and even the remote control fails.

Infrared radiation in the course of their work must not exceed the limits of the parameters, but it should be noted that it is not easy to replace in the alternative mode and the choice of the original tube parameters. In addition, any change does not limit the current-limiting resistance of the infrared light-emitting diode. Because the wavelength of the infrared light is very wide, the infrared receiving diodes of the infrared transmitting tube must be paired, otherwise the sensitivity of the remote controller may be affected, and even the control may be lost. Therefore, when alternatives are chosen, they should be focused on the wavelength of the radiation parameters of the infrared light signal.

IR LED packaging materials have low hardness and low temperature resistance, so as to avoid damage to the joints. Keep away from the root of the day. The soldering temperature should not be too high. It should not be too long. It is better to use metal tweezers to help. Cooling. The pin bending setting switch should be welded and the tube should be forced before the welding is completed.

Infrared emission is useful for gallium phosphide, gallium arsenide phosphide materials, and small, actively driven light. The voltage is low, the current is small, the light is uniform, and the life is long.

A small design, inner shield module package, can do infrared decoding experiments, infrared remote control and so on. Complete the experiment with the remote control and infrared remote control decoder control. The infrared remote control system is widely used as a receiving component, audio-visual equipment (such as VCD, DVD, DVB, TV, etc.) 2, home equipment (such as air conditioners, fans, lights, etc.) 3, infrared remote control (such as toys, etc.) metal packaging infrared Launch tube, suitable for all types of automation equipment, sensors, signal sources, photoelectric conversion of all types of photodetectors. To obtain a stable light-driven method based on pulsed light, slowly varying light. Often used for control, alarm and so on. Waiting point; using the reflective structure, the optical power is very strong, the low driving voltage, the easy transistor circuit and the high reliability of the rugged shock metal glass packaging equipment match, the wear resistance is good heat resistance.