In Response To Trump's Special Trick Of Ultraviolet Rays, The International Ultraviolet Association Responded

- May 04, 2020-

Recently, according to CNN reports, US President Trump suggested at the press conference of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation that he should try to use ultraviolet rays or disinfectants to treat patients with new crowns, and also suggested to try it? !

In response to related reports, on the 24th, the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) issued a press release saying that it is discouraged to use ultraviolet light to disinfect the human body against new coronaviruses.

IUVA and RadTech, a non-profit organization specializing in the field of ultraviolet light and electron beam technology, have informed the public that there is currently no agreement to recommend or approve the safe use of ultraviolet rays that have been proven to be effective in killing viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and directly illuminate the body because Ultraviolet rays with this killing effect can also cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye damage.

Therefore, IUVA and RadTech strongly recommend that under the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, anyone using ultraviolet light to sterilize medical equipment, surfaces and air, and various applications supported by sufficient scientific evidence should follow all recommended health And safety precautions to avoid exposing the human body directly to ultraviolet light.

IUVA and RadTech made three conclusions:

1. As far as possible, avoid using deep ultraviolet rays to irradiate the skin, eyes or any other parts of the body

2. In the unprotected deep ultraviolet light source environment, you should always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (such as: long-sleeved clothes, gloves and UV-proof face mask)

3. The use of deep ultraviolet devices must always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions to ensure safe operation; and should be operated in an appropriate protective place that has controlled light leakage and properly managed risks. (Compiled by LEDinside Janice)