In-line LED Lamp Bead Manufacturers Tell You Some Attention Factors When Using

- May 30, 2019-

Straight-inserted LED lamp bead manufacturers summarize the following five points of attention when using the commonly used lamp bead. I hope it will help you when using the LED lamp bead!

First, straight insert LED lamp bead pin forming method

1. It is necessary to 2 mm from the gel to bend the bracket.

2. Bracket forming must be completed before welding.

3. Bracket forming must ensure that the pins and spacing are consistent with the board.

Second, insert the LED light bead and bend the foot and pay attention to the foot

Because the design requires bending and cutting, when bending and cutting the LED, the position of the bending foot and the cutting foot is more than 3mm from the bottom surface of the gel. The bent feet should be made before welding. When using the LED to insert the lamp, the pitch of the pcb board should correspond to the spacing of the LED pins. When cutting the foot, the static vibration of the cutting machine generates a high voltage static electricity, so the machine should be grounded reliably and do anti-static work.

Third, inline LED lamp bead cleaning

Special care must be taken when cleaning the gel with chemicals, as some chemicals can damage the surface of the gel and cause fading such as trichloroethylene, acetone, and the like. It can be wiped and dipped with ethanol for less than 3 minutes at room temperature.

Fourth, inline LED lamp bead overcurrent protection

Overcurrent protection can be used to stabilize the LED series protection resistor

The resistance value is calculated as: R=(VCC-VF)/IF

VCC is the power supply | voltage regulator voltage, VF is the LED driving voltage, IF is the forward current

Five, inline LED lamp bead welding conditions

Soldering iron soldering: soldering iron (up to 30W) tip temperature does not exceed 300 ° C, soldering time is less than 3 seconds, the soldering position is at least 2 mm from the colloid.

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