In Cooperation With Zhong Nanshan's Team, Knokke UVC LED Products Can Inactivate 100% Of The New Crown Virus

- Dec 28, 2020-

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all provinces, cities and regions in my country have strictly guarded against the epidemic, but they are still unpredictable in the import cold chain. Since Xiamen and Dalian Customs had detected the new crown virus on the outer packaging of frozen vannamei shrimp imported from Ecuador on July 3, there have been more than 30 domestic detections of the new crown virus on the imported cold chain food packaging. The cold chain foods involved in the epidemic include frozen fish, frozen shrimps, frozen beef, frozen pork, frozen chicken wings, etc. A total of domestic imported cold chain food packages detected positive for the new crown virus involving Shandong Jining, Hubei Wuhan, Gansu Lanzhou, Fujian Quanzhou, Shandong Jinan, Zhengzhou, Henan, Xi'an, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities.

Generally speaking, the virus can survive for several months in an environment of -20°C. Even with ordinary cold chain transportation, the virus can survive for several weeks. If it is contaminated items (including food or outer packaging) in areas with a high incidence of new crown epidemics, they can be transported through the cold chain to bring the virus to a non-epidemic area, causing contact transmission and detonating a new new crown epidemic. How to effectively disinfect cold-chain food and outer packaging is an urgent issue facing cold-chain food safety.

Today, Xindun Group announced that the UVC products of its subsidiary Jiangsu Knok Medical Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the authoritative test of the Institute of Virology where Academician Zhong Nanshan works, and the sterilization rate of the new crown virus and various bacteria and bacteria has reached 100%.

According to data, Xindun Group is a high-tech enterprise in optical semiconductor technology and new materials and IC integrated circuit technology. Its subsidiary Knokke specializes in the development of UVC chip technology and the production and sales of deep ultraviolet LED sterilization and antivirus application products.

Based on core optical semiconductor technology, Knokke cooperated with Zhong Nanshan's team to conduct in-depth research on deep ultraviolet sterilization and antivirus technology. The product has passed the authoritative test of the Institute of Virology where Academician Zhong Nanshan works. The test results show that Knokke's new crown virus barrier series equipment Can 100% kill the new coronavirus and all kinds of germs. "

Knokke's UVC-LED new coronavirus barrier series equipment, from UVC-LED chips to series products, from appearance to parts, all core technologies are independently developed and designed by the Knokke team. Compared with ordinary UVC disinfection products on the market, it has Super power, precise wavelength, super spike and 100% sterilization and antivirus.

The cold chain involves many links, and the virus has a wide spread path, from the place of origin, to production and processing, and then transported to cold storage, until finally transported to the point of sale. There are many links in the process, and cold chain practitioners are involved. The risk of virus transmission greatly increase. Food production equipment, utensils, processing countertops, gloves, and processing areas related to food and packaging are at risk of virus transmission.

The new coronavirus barrier series equipment developed by Knokke can provide a complete set of solutions for cold chain antivirus, including portable antivirus, handheld antivirus, wall-mounted antivirus, antivirus eye, air purification and disinfection, water purification and disinfection integrated machine, antivirus Module.