How To Solder Patch Led Lamp Beads

- Jul 03, 2019-

In the lamp industry, it is known that the patch LED lamp bead is attached to the board. If the lamp is inadvertently, the lamp bead has dead lights, solder joints, etc., which will be very labor-intensive and manual, so it is more important to pay attention to the process. Process, then how to avoid this situation?

1. Wear anti-static gloves, anti-static wrists, etc. in practice. The soldering iron must be grounded. It is forbidden to touch the two lead pins of the LED lamp beads by hand. Because the working humidity on the workbench is 60%-90%, the static electricity of the human body will damage the crystal layer of the LED lamp bead. After a certain period of time, the LED lamp bead will fail and die, and the lamp will die immediately.

     2. The soldering temperature is 260 ° C for 3 seconds. If the temperature is too high and the time is too long, the wafer will burn out. In order to maintain the LED lamp beads very well, the patch led lamp bead colloid and the PC board should adhere to a distance of more than 2MM, so that the solder heat is dissipated in the pin.

     3. The normal operating current of the LED lamp bead is 20mA, and the small shaking of the voltage will cause a large shake of the current. Therefore, in the circuit design, the voltage limiting of the LED lamp bead should be matched with different current limiting resistors to ensure that the LED lamp bead is in the best working condition. If the current is too large, the LED lamp bead will shorten the life, and the current will be too small to meet the required brightness request. Our company will split the LED lamp bead in batch supply, that is, the parameters of the LED led lamp in the same package are common, ensuring the commonality of practical goods.

    4. Reflow soldering peak temperature: 260 ° C or lower than this temperature value. (package surface temperature)

    5, the temperature rises over 210 ° C time required: 30 seconds or less than this time

    6. Number of reflows: no more than two times

    7. After reflow, the LED needs to be cooled to the rear of the greenhouse to be in contact.