How To Protect The LED Led Lamp Beads

- Jul 01, 2019-

In the daily weather, it is inevitable that there will be wet weather. There is a saying like this. If you want the lamp to live well, remember to bake more and wonder how we should prevent the led lamp from getting wet.

First of all, we understand how the lamp beads are damp. During the damp process, some traces of moisture in the water vapor and air will be carried into the LED package. The LED reflectors are silver plated and the silver will be oxidized. The resulting silver compounds are all black, reducing or losing the ability to reflect light, resulting in a decrease in the luminous flux of the LEDs. When the moisture is subjected to high humidity in the processing and soldering process, high pressure is generated to cause the moisture sensitive device to pass through the high temperature process. Poor damage is a very serious effect. Nowadays, high-power LEDs need SMT in the process of assembling into lamps. In addition to poor soldering in SMT, the main hidden danger is that moisture sensitive devices are damp. After moisture, it is easy to cause peeling, microcracks, popcorn, etc. Affect product quality performance, service life, increase non-performing rate and cost. If there is moisture, the moisture expands during welding, and the wick is prone to micro-burst, causing the core to break.

  Many customers have bought a large number of led lamp beads due to improper storage methods caused by the led lamp bead damp, this time if we force the link power supply will burn the lamp bead, and will also leave a security risk. In summary, the humid environment has an impact on the life of ordinary LEDs. It is hot and rainy in summer, and the air is humid on rainy days; when it is hot, the air is dry and dusty. Various reasons will affect the life of LED lights.

Why re-bake?

1. The components are damp: the moisture of the components is easy to cause safety hazards, burning the lamp beads, causing short circuit of the circuit, so re-baking to make the internal drying no hidden danger.

2, extend the service life: generally not recommended after damp, and easy to accelerate the aging of components, so re-baking is equivalent to the lamp bead again into the factory dry state.

3. The metal bracket is easy to oxidize, and the water can accelerate the oxidation and rust of the metal bracket. Therefore, it is necessary to perform secondary baking in order to be used for a long time after being wet.

In general, the purpose of re-baking is to keep the LED lamp beads dry to avoid the components from being accelerated by oxidation and increase the service life. Our company is free to re-bake.

  Therefore, when we store the led lamp bead, we should put on the vacuum packaging. Before using the led lamp bead, it is necessary to bake and dehumidify in the oven above 65° for more than 12 hours. Manufacturers in the temperature of the led lamp storage is recommended to generally between 25-35 degrees, cool and ventilated. However, not all customers have such storage conditions, so manufacturers can provide baking services for everyone after the tide.