How To Distinguish Between Patch LED Lamp Beads?

- Jul 03, 2019-

With the demand of the LED market, the entire market is currently producing LED SMD beads. Therefore, there are many manufacturers now in order to obtain higher profits and thus violate the production process, so that many unqualified patch led lights flow in the market, then how can we distinguish the quality of the lamp beads?

1, led patch lamp bead color temperature: warm white (2000 K -3500 K), natural white (3500 K -4500 K), white (5000 K -8000 K), the color temperature classification is as small as possible, so a large number of led When they are lit together, they will not be colored because of the difference in color temperature, and some are yellowish and some are white.

2, safety specifications and certification: good quality patch led before leaving the factory, have been checked by professional equipment, and some small manufacturers, relying on the procurement of parts processing assembly, failed the inspection and certification, Zhi Ding Electronics passed ISO9001 -2000 quality system certification, 3C certification, ROSH certification, etc.

3, heat dissipation: led patch lamp beads are also very important, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp beads work at high temperatures for a long time, the light decay will be great, the lamp life will also be reduced.

4, the quality of the lamp beads: the quality of the lamp beads determines the quality of the chip. If you choose a small manufacturer to produce a poor lamp bead, the brightness of the lamp strip is relatively low, because the quality of the LED lamp bead light chip determines that the brightness of the LED lamp bead is not high, and those chips are 1-2 points. The inferior goods of money, the use of a problem comes to the leakage (dead lights), the characteristics of the products made by the genuine chip, is high brightness, stable performance. Zhiding Electronics chose imported chips, such as Taiwan Jingyuan and Sanan. Fundamentally, the quality of the LED patch lamp is ensured.

5, power efficiency: the higher the power efficiency, the higher, the higher the power consumption of the power supply itself, the greater the output power.

6, light efficiency: the same lamp power, the higher the light efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy-saving.